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When choosing your wine cabinet, you must consider the fact that you will entrust it with bottles that you will collect patiently and which represent a real emotional and economic investment: their total value may indeed very largely exceed the cost of the appliance. and this value will increase over time! It would therefore be illusory and risky to wish to economise by choosing "entry price" products or non-specialist brands offering appliances derived from refrigerators not designed for this purpose.


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Climadiff's guarantee for its wine cabinets includes a consumer hotline as well as a customer service department. Moreover, Climadiff guarantees its expertise and the quality of its products through inspections. The wine cabinets undergo a number of tests and are also certified according to European standards. Finally, if damage is caused to your bottles of wine, and such damage is caused by a malfunction of the cabinet, then Climadiff will guarantee any damage caused. Alcohol abuse is dangerous to health. Drink in moderation.
Jeudi 29 Juin 2017