Climadiff, number one of the wine cellars
Declaration of the rights of the bottles:
Art. 1 Respect for all, regardless of origines
Art. 2 Safe shelter for all, regardless of colour
Art. 3 Right to blossom, regardless of age
Art. 4 Right to become integrated, regardless of place
... et de la cave
Art. 5 Quel que soit l'étage, on a le droit d'être à son AVINTAGE
  Nouvelle gamme Avintage : un design affirmé et des avancées technologiques au service de votre passion. Avintage vous propose chez les meilleurs distributeurs spécialisés une collection de caves, conçues avec toute l'exigence et tout le respect du vin qui caractérisent Climadiff.
Climadiff, the leading wine cellar specialist in France, offers a complete product line marketed by the country's largest retailers. The company was created through the fortuitous combination of expertise in household appliances and the 200 years old wine heritage of Château St Martin, the cradle of the company and a prestigious grand cru classé from Côtes de Provence. Through this unique blend of cultures, Climadiff has developed an unparalleled expertise in wine cellars that influences the creation and the design of very high-quality products that are within every wine lovers' pocket.
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For vintages conservation, wine bottles stable temperatures and wine range vibrations control, learn how to fill your wine cellar and how to use the wine thermostat from Climadiff.
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