Climadiff: a company combining two cultures, technical expertise and the love of wine

Created in 1997,
Climadiff became an important player in household appliances before rapidly focusing its expertise on the field of wine maturation and preservation. One of the first to anticipate the emergence of new needs in this market, Climadiff took the lead, keeping pace with wine lovers and experts' expectations, through the development of a very high-quality products range at competitive prices.

A heritage built on wine-making traditions
Through the family of the founder and CEO, Climadiff is intimately linked to Château St. Martin, one of the rare crûs classés of Provence. Direct descendants of a tradition that has been handed down for over 30 generations, since 1740, Château St. Martin provides Climadiff with an exceptional knowledge and understanding of wine and its secrets.

Wine cellars designed in the heart of one of France's most beautiful regions
Climadiff is based in Marseille, the largest trading port in the Mediterranean sea. Here the company's design office, technicians and sales teams -- all connoisseurs infatuated with wine making -- design their innovative, high-quality, high performance products, for the great pleasure and satisfaction of amateur and professional wine connoisseurs.

Climadiff, the specialist number one

Regarding its sales volume, Climadiff is the number one on the French market of wine cellars. Largely preceding its competitors, Climadiff has an uncontested position of leader. The society has unique origins in the world of wine. Climadiff is born from the exceptionnal meeting of poeple linked by the sense of well done work and by a long vineyards tradition.

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For vintages conservation, wine bottles stable temperatures and wine range vibrations control, learn how to fill your wine cellar and how to use the wine thermostat from Climadiff.
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