Conditioning wine cellars

Conceived for wine lovers and professionals, the Climadiff conditioning wine cellars keep a selection of wines permanently available at the ideal serving temperature.

Wines that are served too cold lose their aromas (a trick sometimes used to mask the defaults of mediocre wines). Wines that are too warm develop an unpleasant alcohol taste.

To fully appreciate the qualities of a bottle that has been patiently brought to its peak through the maturation process , it must be served at the proper temperature, which differs between vintages. For wine connoisseurs, a Climadiff conditioning wine cellar is the ideal complement to an ageing wine cellar.
Several precisely adjustable temperature zones
Electronic thermostat for greater precision
Glass door with anti-UV protection
Vibrations absorption system
Sliding wine racks
External dimensions and ventilation system suitable for built-in installations
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For vintages conservation, wine bottles stable temperatures and wine range vibrations control, learn how to fill your wine cellar and how to use the wine thermostat from Climadiff.
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