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Generally, wines that are richer in tannins are served at higher temperatures. On the contrary, lighter or fruity wines are generally served at cooler temperatures. After being poured, wine tends to warm up rapidly in the glass because the room temperature is generally higher than the ideal serving temperature.
In summer, it is best to serve wine 1 or 2 degrees under the recommended temperature, because it will reach the ideal temperature in just a few seconds. The hand transmits the temperature of the body and then heats the wine. For this reason, it is best to hold a wine glass by the stem.

Red, white or ros,
sweet, sparkling, fruity or heavy wine with tannins...

Each wine has its own specific serving temperature at which it develops its full aroma and bouquet. Climadiff conditioning cellars and, possibly, multi-purpose wine cabinets are specifically designed to bring each wine to its optimum serving temperature.
The proper temperature for each wine:

Each wine ? Proper temperature
from 17 to 18C
Red burgundies
from 15 to 16C
Light red wines
  Alsace wines
from 10 to 14C
Premium champagne and full bodied white wines
from 10 to 12C
Ross and dry white wines
from 8 to 10C
Still, sweet white wines
from 7 to 9C
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