Intended for real connoisseurs and the most demanding wine collectors, Climadiff ageing wine cellars are exclusively conceived to protect your most prestigious bottles over time, allowing them to slowly mature and develop. Climadiff long-storage products reconstitute the environment of a traditional underground wine cellar, creating the ideal conditions for your wines: a constant temperature, no vibrations, total obscurity, proper humidity levels and pure air.
A perfectly constant and uniform temperature (thermodynamics)
Double mechanical thermostat to create a specific high-quality environment
External thermometer to adapt to surrounding climate conditions
Solid door for total obscurity
Activated charcoal filters to eliminate odours
Quadruple vibrations absorption system
Metal chamber for high-performance humidity control
Integrated wine log ® (a Climadiff innovation)
Specific wine racks for easier use

Dimensions calculated to maximize real capacity

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For vintages conservation, wine bottles stable temperatures and wine range vibrations control, learn how to fill your wine cellar and how to use the wine thermostat from Climadiff.
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