Climadiff is the specialist N°1 of wine cellars in France

Climadiff is the specialist N°1 of wine cellars in France. The brand is marketed by the biggest national and international distributors and so puts all its know-how in the service of wine cellars of very high quality, accessible to all the oenophiles and for any budget.

A wide range adapted to all the needs

Climadiff proposes you the widest range of wine cellars of the market! You will find certainly the cellar which you need, whatever is the studied type chap of cellar, its size and of course, your budget.

Nos gammes de caves et accessoires

Les caves de vieillissement

Les caves de conservation

Les caves polyvalentes

Les caves de service

Rafraichir et préserver

Les accessoires

Boutique en
ligne Climadiff

Savez-vous que l’on vend une grande partie de nos caves à vin directement depuis notre boutique en ligne ? L’occasion idéale de vous offrir une cave garantie 2 ans pour la conservation optimale de vos précieux vins !

Vous trouverez aussi tous les accessoires utiles et indispensables à votre cave à vin : clayettes, rails coulissants, filtres à charbon, ou thermomètres hygromètres.


To be fascinated by the wine helps us everyday for the design and the manufacturing of perfectly optimized wine cellars. To understand how well to preserve it, it is essential to respect it in its origins as in its marks.
There is our strength at Climadiff: we give to our cellars the most adapted technology so that it offers the best conditions of storage, preservation or ageing in your wine. So it reveals all its intensity and its sharpness in the tasting. It is this passion for the wine which drives us every day and that allows us to be n°1 wine cellars in France and to be distributed in more than 30 international countries.

How to choose a wine
cellar? The questions to ask

Are you actively looking for a wine cellar to benefit from optimal tasting conditions ? It's all to your credit. How to choose the ideal cellar ? How to decide and choose between cellar aging, conservation or cellar service?


Between the household electrical appliances and the wine-making traditions, Climadiff, specialist wine cellars, is N°1 in France today. Our cellars and their accessories (shelves, filters, stone of lava) receive a very good welcome on behalf of the general public … And not only!
Distributed in more than 30 international countries, the brand Climadiff often makes speak about her in the French press, as show of it available articles by following this link.