Guarantees and services

The choice of your wine cellar is crucial: it must provide safe storage for your patiently collected bottles, which represent a significant financial and emotional investment. Their total value can quickly exceed the cost of the wine cellar itself, and this value is likely to increase over time! Resorting to cheaper products or non-specialist manufacturers whose appliances are essentially adapted refrigerator units is a false economy and a potentially expensive risk.

Climadiff’s high-tech designer products are backed up by a range of services:

Availability of products

Our warehouse facilities in France enable rapid delivery, your cellar can be delivered within a maximum of 48 hours.

Technical hotline

A manager is available to answer your queries and technical questions. Contact +33 (0)


The sales force on the ground and Climadiff’s network of agents ensure a local distribution service.

International guarantee

Even past France’s borders, our European distributors provide regional after-sales service.

Quality control and standards

As a manufacturer, Climadiff has a comprehensive quality assurance policy: Our factories have ISO certification. Our products are subjected to rigorous testing and checks in accordance with meticulous protocols:

  • Inspection for leaks;
  • Electrical safety tests are carried out on 100% of our products;
  • All products are operated for one hour;
  • Production lines remain in test mode overnight;
  • Visual inspection;
  • Shelves are tested to ensure that they are perfectly horizontal;
  • Testing of closing mechanisms;
  • Testing of lights;
  • Manual cleaning;
  • Protective packaging.

All Climadiff products comply with current European standards. Every unit has its own ID number and data plate. In this way, we have complete traceability of the production cycle.