Aging wine cellar MILLESIME200 - 204 bottles

New in 2023: MILLESIME200, the connected wine cellar for an exceptional collection

Discover the MILLESIME200 wine cellar, equipped with connected technology for optimal management of your wine collection. With a storage capacity of 204 bottles in single zone and free standing, control remotely via the Vinotag app for maximum security.

The glass door (triple glazed low-e glass) with UV protection, LED side lighting and safety features ensure optimal presentation and storage of your bottles. The sleek black and stainless steel design blends seamlessly into your home for an optimal wine tasting experience.

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Control your MILLESIME200 wine cellar as you wish

Secure aging:

The MILLESIME200 cellar features a premium triple glazed door with "low-e" glass for extremely effective insulation, as well as a lock. These cellars are equipped to be remotely controlled and can send notifications to a smartphone or tablet in case of temperature change, carbon filter replacement or if a door has been left open.

Temperature control:

The MILLESIME200 single zone wine cellar is designed for convenience and ease of use. It features an electronic control and LCD thermometer, as well as a Vinotag app that allows you to remotely monitor the contents of your cellar in real time. In addition, the app will help you organize your wine collection for optimal arrangement and consistent temperature inside the cellar.

Inventoru management:

The MILLESIME200 wine cellar stands out for its innovative connected features. You have the ability to monitor and manage your bottle inventory remotely with the Vinotag app, which also offers you the ability to view the location of your bottles and receive immediate alerts regarding bottle inventory and peak dates.

Premium equipment:

The cellar is equipped with solid sapele wood shelves, which are both sliding and rot-proof. This allows the bottles to be stored either horizontally or upside down, which is ideal for optimal long-term storage of wine. In addition, this cellar is equipped with a discreet built-in handle, a carbon filter and rated F for energy efficiency and low noise level of 38 decibels. Racks can also be purchased as additional accessories. Additional shelves can also be purchased as accessories.

MILLESIME240D: the connected storage solution for demanding wine lovers


MILLESIME200 is a high-end aging wine cellar designed to provide an elegant and practical storage solution for the discerning wine lover. With a storage capacity of up to 204 bottles in a single zone, it reproduces the optimal storage conditions of a natural wine cellar, with a temperature range of 5°C to 20°C .

Accessories included:

The MILLESIME200 wine cellar features 3 solid sapele sliding shelves designed to store bottles in an upside down position, as well as 2 additional sliding shelves for horizontal storage. The racks can be easily moved, providing great flexibility to organize your wine collection in the way that best suits you. The sapele shelves are highly regarded for their ability to dampen vibrations, ensuring optimal wine storage and minimizing the risk of disturbances. They also promote even air circulation which ensures efficient ventilation and a stable temperature throughout the cellar.


The legs can be adjusted to fit the variations in floor level and moved easily thanks to the casters on the cellar. To preserve the quality of your wine, the cellar is also equipped with an activated carbon filter to ensure clean air circulation inside. The digital LCD thermometer will allow you to check the temperature of your wine without having to open the wine cellar door.


In order to maximize the aging of the wine, it is crucial to control the humidity by maintaining a humidity level between 50% and 80%, to prevent the corks from drying out and preserve the quality of the wine.

Quiet and controlled cooling system:

This wine cellar is equipped with a refrigeration system and a compressor that allows a uniform temperature throughout the cellar, avoiding temperature fluctuations that can alter the quality and taste of wine. This system also guarantees a stable humidity, thus preserving the corks and preventing the oxidation of the wine. In addition, the system operates silently to ensure optimal conservation of your wine collection without disturbing noise, namely 38 decibels.

Enhanced security:

The presence of visual and audible alarms on the cellar allows direct activation in case of need, and it is possible to program them remotely in real time via the Vinotag app.

The cellar also features an anti-vibration system, keeping the contents safe from any shaking that could damage them. The cellar's gray triple-glazed low-e glass door with lock and integrated UV filter protects wine bottles from harmful UV rays, preserving their quality and flavor. In addition, a child lock system is included to lock the control panel.


The modern black and stainless steel look of this product successfully complements various interior styles for easy integration.

Vinotag : the application that simplifies the management of your wine cellar

Discover all the features of the application with the Millésime range on the Vinotag website.

The Millésime range of connected aging wine cellars: a solution for every wine collection

The Vintage line offers a variety of connected aging wine cellar models, with different sizes to fit your storage needs, various temperature ranges, and single or dual zone options to better organize your wine collection. Check them out now! 

Single zone: MILLESIME150 for 149 bottles, MILLESIME200 for 204 bottles and MILLESIME250 for 248 bottles.

The double zones: MILLESIME140D for 138 bottles, MILLESIME190D for 193 bottles and MILLESIME240D for 237 bottles.


Data sheet

Use :
Aging wine cellar
Installation :
Pose libre
Temperature range (°C) :
5 - 20°C
Door type :
Porte vitrée
Door processing :
Exterior colour :
Type of fixed shelfs :
Bois, bouteilles horizontale (sapelli massif)
Type of fixed shelfs :
Bois, bouteilles tête-bêche (sapelli massif)
Number of sliding shelves :
Number of carbon filter(s) :
Digital temperature display :
Système de régulation :
Hygrométrie auto-régulée :
Fonction hiver :
Type de froid :
Roulettes :
2 à l’arrière
Pied(s) réglable(s) :
Système anti-vibration :
Eclairage intérieur :
LED Blanc avec interrupteur
Dimensions nettes (sans emballage, LxPxH cm) :
59,5 x 69,6 x 158,5
Dimensions brutes (avec emballage, L x P x :
66 x 75,5 x 167
Poids net (sans emballage, kg) :
Poids brut (avec emballage, kg) :
Alarm .
Visuelle et sonore
Sound level :
Consommation électrique (kW/an) :
Energy class :
Climate class (ideal outdoor temperature) :
SN-ST (10-38°C)
Voltage (Volt) :
Power (Watt) :
Warranty included :
Totale 2 ans (Pièces, MO & déplacement)
Bottles :
L (+ de 170 bouteilles)
Smartphone application :
Low-e glass
Teinte vitrage

Specific References

garantie totale 2 ans caves à vin climadiff

garantie totale 2 ans caves à vin climadiff

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