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Built-in wine cellars

Climadiff built-in wine cellars combine elegance, functionality and practicality to meet the needs of the most demanding wine lovers.

The CBU40D1B dual zone serving cellar is undermount and double door! It fits perfectly in your kitchen and stores your favorite bottles within easy reach with elegance. With it, you will be able to store up to 40 bottles*, spread over the 10 wooden shelves it has.

Built-in wine cellar: CBI40DB1 - The Art of Vintage Preservation

The CBI40DB1, with its discreet dimensions of 56 x 56.3 x 59.5 cm, offers a 36-bottle capacity divided into two temperature zones to pamper your wines. Its black built-in design blends perfectly into your space. It features wooden shelves, adjustable feet and an anti-vibration system for optimum preservation. Temperature ranges from 5°C to 20°C, a digital thermometer and LED lighting provide absolute control.

Built-in wine cellar ideal for storing 2 wines at different temperatures thanks to its double zone: 25 bottles of white wine and 25 of red wine at hand for example !

The CBU51S2B serving cellar is a built-in under counter! It fits perfectly in your kitchen and stores your favorite bottles within easy reach with elegance. With it, you will be able to store up to 51 bottles*, distributed on the 6 wooden front shelves it has.

The CBI28S1B wine cellar can be integrated in a column and therefore fits in one of the niches of your kitchen. This small cellar can hold up to 24 bottles and gives style to your interior. Not too big, not too small: it allows you to access your best vintages at any time and to keep your wines at the ideal temperature.

The CBU20S2B single compartment serving cellar can be installed in your kitchen. It allows you to have 20 bottles* within reach at the right temperature.

CBU7Z1B is a built-in cellar to be installed in your kitchen. It allows you to benefit from 7 bottles within reach and at the ideal tasting temperature. The CBU7Z1B can accommodate a bottle of Champagne at the bottom of the cellar.

Climadiff built-in wine cellars

Once relegated to cellars or dedicated areas, wine cellars are now taking pride of place in your fitted kitchen, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your décor. Whether you opt for a wine cellar that's free-standing or free-standing, built-in or integrated, it will quickly become one of the centrepieces of your culinary space.

Its harmonious integration into your kitchen not only enhances the aesthetics of your décor, but also gives you practical access to your selection of wines. Whether you're an occasional wine lover or a passionate connoisseur, the wine cellar ensures that every bottle is always at the ideal temperature, ready to be enjoyed at any time.

What's more, the wide range of formats available will meet your specific needs. From compact cellars for up to 7 bottles to more spacious models with a storage capacity of up to 51 bottles, you're sure to find one that perfectly matches your requirements and available space.

Built-in wine cellars offer the following advantages: 

Aesthetic integration: The built-in wine cellar blends discreetly into the design of your kitchen or any other space, offering an elegant, consistent appearance.

Space optimisation: Suitable for small spaces, it maximises the use of available space, avoiding floor clutter.

Precise temperature control: It ensures meticulous temperature control to preserve the quality of your wines.

Easy access and use: placed within easy reach, it provides quick access to your favourite bottles, making it practical for everyday use.

Ventilation adapted to confined spaces: Its front ventilation system ensures optimal operation even in confined spaces.

In this way, the wine cellar becomes much more than just an appliance; it becomes an essential part of your daily life, allowing you to store and enjoy your favourite wines in the best possible conditions, right from your kitchen.

Guide to choosing your built-in wine cellar

When it comes to built-in wine cellars, there's a huge range to choose from, in terms of size, storage capacity and functionality. Whether you're a connoisseur or an enlightened amateur, there's sure to be a model to suit your specific needs.

Built-in wine cellar :

Adaptability and size: These cellars are specially designed to fit under a worktop, in a variety of formats to suit the layout of your kitchen. From a compact spice drawer version to a standard 60 cm cabinet, their capacity, ranging from 7 to 51 bottles, makes them ideal for meeting the needs of wine lovers or for everyday use.

Practical features: offering quick and easy access to your precious bottles, they feature adjustable temperatures for optimal service. Practical and versatile, they are available in single or double zones, as well as double doors, to suit the preferences of every wine lover.

Elegance and discretion: Their refined, discreet design blends harmoniously with the aesthetics of your kitchen, without compromising on available space.

Built-in wine cellar :

Design: Designed to fit neatly into a pedestal cabinet, these cellars are available in a variety of formats, even for standard spaces such as microwaves and ovens, for seamless integration into any kitchen. They offer an elegant presentation of bottles, making them easy to organise and access, while adding a touch of elegance to your interior. Available in single or double zones, they meet all the storage needs of your precious collection.


Varied capacity: With a capacity generally between twenty and forty bottles, certain models are also available in larger formats, adapted to the greater storage needs of certain spaces.

FAQ Built-in wine cellars

A built-in wine cellar is an appliance designed to be integrated into an existing niche or cabinet, offering a discreet and attractive solution for storing and preserving wine. Find out more in this article!

Built-in wine cellars allow you to make the most of the space available by integrating them harmoniously into your kitchen or living space. They also offer an elegant, personalised look that blends in perfectly with your interior décor.

The dimensions of built-in wine cellars vary according to model and manufacturer, but they are generally designed to fit the standard dimensions of kitchen niches or built-in cabinets.

When choosing a built-in wine cellar, it's important to take into account the dimensions available in your built-in space, the desired storage capacity, the temperature and humidity control features, and the design and aesthetics of the appliance.

Important features include precise temperature and humidity control, good insulation to ensure optimum storage conditions, removable shelves for easy access to bottles, and UV filters to protect wines from light.