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Polyvalent wine cellars

Climadiff multi-purpose wine cellars ensure optimum preservation of your wines thanks to their precise temperature control, efficient ventilation and elegant design. Choose quality and reliability to preserve your precious bottles with Climadiff.

Aging wine cellar RESERVE300XL meeting all the ideal conditions to make age your most beautiful bottles with a capacity of 294 bottles. A contemporary design with a matte black effect and a silk-screened "cellar register" counter door. Equipped with the winter system, it maintains a positive temperature in your cellar in winter period. Made in Europe.

New MILLESIME range, wine cellar aging innovative technology and connected!

Discover the MILLESIME140D connected wine cellar, ideal for monitoring and controlling your wine collection remotely. Storage capacity of 138 bottles, with free standing installation, the double zone wine cellar has an operating range between 5°C and 12°C for the upper zone and from 12°C to 20°C for the lower zone.

It is equipped with a triple low-e glass door, high quality shelves and LED lighting on the side. In addition, it is compatible with the Vinotag app, allowing easy temperature control and simplified wine cellar management. Its modern design in black and stainless steel completes the features of this high quality wine cellar.

CPF100B1 multipurpose or aging wine cellar with glass door. Storage capacity up to 98 bottles*. Comes with 9 sliding steel wire shelves for increased visibility on the labels of bottles facing you.

Premium multi-purpose wine cellar CPW204B1 with glass door for storing or aging 204 bottles*. Comes with 3 fixed shelves, 1 fixed half-shelf and 1 metal plate to store open bottles upright.

Premium multipurpose wine cellar PCLP160: its solid door offers absolute darkness to your bottles and ensures their aging in the best conditions. Storage capacity up to 160 bottles. Delivered with 2 fixed shelves, 1 fixed half-shelf and 1 metal plate for storing bottles in a vertical position.

Climadiff multi-purpose wine cellars

Climadiff multi-purpose wine cellars are the epitome of excellence, rigorously adhering to the principles essential to the protection and development of your finest vintages:

Constant temperature: Thanks to a precise regulation system, our cellars maintain a stable temperature, ideal for allowing your wines to age in optimal conditions, preserving their quality and maturing potential.

Healthy, odour-free air: Our cellars are designed to ensure adequate air circulation, enabling effective ventilation and constant renewal of the air inside the cellar, guaranteeing a healthy atmosphere devoid of undesirable odours that could alter the bouquet of your wines.

Vibration-free: We have incorporated advanced vibration-absorption systems to ensure a totally immobile environment inside the cellar, preserving the stability of the sediments and delicate aromas of your wines throughout the ageing phase.

Protective darkness: Preserving the quality of wines also requires total darkness. Our cellars are designed to provide optimum protection against light, preventing any deterioration of light-sensitive pigments and flavours, ensuring that your precious bottles age harmoniously.

Appropriate humidity levels: By maintaining optimum humidity levels, our cellars preserve the integrity of the corks and prevent bottles from drying out excessively, ensuring ideal storage conditions for your wines, whatever their vintage or grape variety.

At Climadiff, we distinguish ourselves by offering versatile wine cellars that ensure optimum protection and perfect development of your best bottles.

Guide to choosing your multi-purpose cellar

To select the versatile wine cellar that's right for you, it's essential to adopt an expert, traditional approach. Here are some key questions to consider when choosing from our Climadiff range, renowned for its time-honoured expertise:

How much storage capacity do you need to preserve your wines with care?

It is essential to estimate the number of bottles you wish to keep in order to select a suitable cellar from our Climadiff range.

How much space do you have available to integrate your wine cellar into your environment? Choose a built-in or freestanding wine cellar from our versatile range, depending on the space available in your home.

What is your budget for this investment in your heritage? Set yourself a budget to find the ideal wine cellar that combines quality with your budget.

Which grape varieties and vintages would you like to keep in your wine cellar? Our Climadiff range offers cellars with several temperature zones to accommodate a variety of wines, ensuring optimal conservation.

What control and monitoring functions are essential for you? Choose a connected wine cellar from our Climadiff range if you're looking for precise control of parameters, combined with the reliability of our traditional products.

What design would you like for your wine cellar? Do you prefer a modern look with a glass door to show off your bottles, or do you opt for traditional elegance with a solid door? You could also consider a screen-printed door for a touch of originality and refinement.

What kind of performance are you looking for? We guarantee optimised kWh consumption to preserve the integrity of your precious bottles while minimising our energy footprint. Our cellars are equipped with low-consumption LED lighting, providing optimum brightness without compromising the quality of preservation of your wines. What's more, we provide a 2-year guarantee on our cellars, with spare parts available for 10 years, guaranteeing the durability and quality of our products. With all these factors in mind, you can confidently choose the Climadiff multi-purpose wine cellar, combining traditional expertise with contemporary excellence.

FAQ Multi-purpose wine cellars

A multi-purpose wine cellar is an appliance designed to provide a flexible storage solution that can accommodate a wide range of wine bottles, from standard bottles to magnums, while offering features tailored to different preservation needs. Read our article on this subject here!

The versatile wine cellars in the Climadiff range are available with glass or solid doors, offering a choice between elegant presentation of your bottles or maximum protection against light and temperature variations.

Connected multi-purpose wine cellars make it possible to control and monitor wine storage conditions remotely, via a mobile application or online platform. They also allow you to receive notifications in the event of abnormal variations in storage conditions. Discover the features of our Vinotag application!

To choose the right multi-purpose wine cellar for your needs, it's important to consider the storage capacity required, the space available for installation, the control and monitoring features required, and the design and aesthetics of the appliance.

The multi-purpose wine cellars in the Climadiff range come with a 2-year guarantee, with spare parts available for 10 years, guaranteeing the durability and quality of our products.

The versatile wine cellars in the Climadiff range can be fitted with a variety of security features, such as locks to prevent unauthorised access, alarms for abnormal temperature or humidity variations, and childproofing to prevent accidents. Make sure you choose a wine cellar with the security features that meet your specific needs.