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The new Millésime range

Climadiff, the historical expert in wine ageing, gives you control over your connected wine cellar with the new Millésime range

Connected aging wine cellars

Climadiff presents its new range of high-end, connected wine cellars, specially designed for the most demanding wine lovers in search of perfection for the preservation of their bottles.

The Millésime range of wine cellars gives you total control over the storage and ageing of your wines thanks to its connected technology and advanced features. This means you can accurately monitor the evolution of your bottles for an optimal tasting experience.

The wine cellars feature an embossed logo for a sleek and contemporary stainless steel design, making them perfect for showcasing your bottles and adding a touch of elegance to your home. They are available in single or double zone, accommodating between 138 and 248 bottles, and feature high quality shelves. The triple-glazed doors, with low-e glass, help protect your bottles. In addition, their Class F noise level is between 37 and 38 decibels, ensuring quiet operation.

Advantages of Millésime cellars

Safe ageing

We know that the value contained in our products is precious to you. Stay informed wherever you are about the proper functioning of your wine cellar and the safety of your bottles.

The Millésime cellars are equipped with a triple glazed low-e glass door providing ultra-efficient insulation, as well as a lock. The cellars can be controlled remotely and receive alerts on a smartphone or tablet in the event of a temperature change, a change of carbon filter or a door that has been left open.

Temperature control

Keep control over the ageing of your bottles with an advanced temperature control system. Available in single or double zone, the range offers a choice of pre-set temperatures to suit the specific needs of each type of wine: white, red, champagne or sparkling.

Temperatures can be adjusted for optimum preservation, allowing the bouquet, taste and aroma of each bottle to be preserved. Temperature management on site or remotely in real time with the Vinotag application. Thanks to its reinforced insulation, the outside temperature will not influence the inside temperature of your cellar.

Management of the wine register

Thanks to the Vinotag application, you can easily manage your bottle inventory remotely and be alerted in real time of stock and peak date alerts for your bottles.

In addition, you can customize the organization of your bottles with standard or side display racks, allowing better visibility of your wine collection. You can store and monitor your collection with confidence, as you can access it anytime, anywhere through the connectivity of your cellar.

Premium equipment

Lighting control is crucial to the presentation of your wine collection. The Millésime wine cellars are equipped with integrated LED side lighting on both sides, which highlights each bottle in an elegant and modern way. With this lighting, you can admire your collection, which can be controlled remotely with the Vinotag app.

The cellars in the range are also equipped with sliding shelves made of rot-proof solid sapele wood, allowing bottles to be stored upside down or visible on the labels, ideal for preserving wine over time. It also has a discreet integrated handle, a carbon filter, a class F and a low noise level. Racks are also available as accessories.

Discover the products of the Millésime range

...different bottle sizes and capacities, in single or double temperature zones:

Features of the Vinotag® application

Connected wine cellars

Stay informed wherever you are on the good functioning of your cellar and the safety of your bottles: 

Vinotag® is a wine cellar management application that makes it easy to consult, add and remove bottles thanks to a permanent connection with your cellar. It offers the possibility to control the parameters of your cellar remotely, such as temperature, hygrometry and lighting, for optimal wine conservation.

The app also features connected alerts to inform you in real time about the state of your cellar and guarantees the security of your bottle collection with a lock. It's the perfect tool for wine lovers who want to store and manage their bottles accurately and efficiently.


View the contents of your cellar and control the temperature remotely

View a digital representation of your wine cellar from your smartphone (as a graph or a list of wines) and control the temperature remotely to ensure optimal aging of your wines, even when you are away. Using the app, you can monitor and adjust the temperature inside your cellar in real time and with degree-by-degree precision.


Adapt your cellar as you wish and control the lighting remotely

Your great wines are elegantly highlighted thanks to an LED lighting system on the side. This innovative system diffuses a soft light throughout the wine cellar, creating a real showcase for your wines, while preserving their ageing. Controllable from the Vinotag® application, this lighting system offers three different modes to create the desired atmosphere:

1. Automatic mode: The light comes on when the door is opened, and goes off automatically after 15 minutes.

2. Permanent mode: The light is only switched on or off by pressing the switch in your VINOTAG® application.


Keep your wines safe and be alerted remotely

The Millésime range offers advanced safety features to protect your bottles with optimal preservation. Connected alerts are available for open door, temperature and carbon filter, allowing you to be alerted as soon as a problem occurs.

In addition, the lock ensures the safety of your fine wines by preventing unauthorised access to the cellar. To ensure a stable and ideal environment for your collection, the cellars are also equipped with a temperature alarm function with remote control.

This means that you are alerted on your smartphone or tablet in case of abnormal temperature or temperature movements, wherever you are.


Save time creating your wine register

The partnership between Vinotag and Vivino® is a real time saver when adding bottles to your cellar. Thanks to a simple photo of your bottle label, Vinotag extracts all the useful information from Vivino® to create a pre-filled wine card that you can modify as you wish. And if you are lost in the placement of your bottles, Vinotag accompanies you with its ESommelier® function.

This assisted placement technology recommends the ideal location according to the availability of your cellar, the aging time and the type of wine of the bottle to be placed. A sticker shows you the recommended location on the digital view of your cellar, all you have to do is place your bottle there.


View the contents of your cellar in real time

With the Vinotag app, never be lost in your wine cellar again. Easily view your stock and its precise location from your smartphone. You can even view their location in your physical cellar using the "show in my cellar" button.

Plus, set stock alerts on your favourite wines to be notified when their stock is at the minimum level you've entered.


Enjoy your wines at their peak

Being able to store your wine in optimal conditions is essential for successful conservation and tasting. Vinotag allows you to track, manage and enjoy your wines at their peak. With advanced security, assisted placement, stock tracking and alerts, you can have peace of mind and enjoy your precious wines at the perfect time.