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The right questions to ask?

You are considering investing in a wine cellar but you don't know yet what type of cellar to choose?

Climadiff has more than 20 years of experience in wine cellars. We put all our knowledge at your service in order to offer you the most beautiful wine cellars on the market. Depending on your needs, you will choose a different wine cellar. We will guide you and give you the keys to choose the most suitable wine cellar.

To start, you need to ask yourself the right questions. The use of your wine cellar is defined according to your wine consumption mode.

Is it for immediate consumption or rather to keep your bottles for several months or years? Red, white, rosé or champagne? Do you plan to age your best bottles (aging cellar), to serve them at the right temperature (serving cellar) or both (multipurpose cellar)? Is it simply to have a few bottles at hand, at the ideal tasting temperature, or is it to keep a certain number of bottles for several months?

There are 3 main types of wine cellars:

Aging cellars

Designed to reproduce conditions as close as possible to those offered by the best traditional underground cellars, our range of aging cellars has all the necessary assets to age your finest bottles over the long term so that you can enjoy them at their peak.

For this, Climadiff guarantees the respect of absolutely essential assets, namely :

  • Constant temperature;
  • Healthy and odorless air;
  • Absence of vibration;
  • Protective darkness provided by solid doors;
  • Appropriate humidity level.
  • All wines are kept and aged at a temperature between 10° and 14°C. An ageing cellar allows a wine to be kept for a long time (5, 10, 15, 20 years or more).

Service cellars

Climadiff wine cellars allow you to have a permanent selection of wines at the optimal serving temperature. To fully enjoy all the qualities of the wine you buy and store, serving it at the right temperature is absolutely essential: this is the appeal of a serving wine cellar.

Serving wine cellars have been designed to offer one or more temperature zones to prepare one or more types of wine for tasting.

They are also ideal for the wine lover who wants to have all his bottles at the same temperature for tasting, whether it is a champagne, a white, a rosé or a red.

Multipurpose cellars

Versatility is the key word for this range of wine cellars!

Modular according to your needs via the activation or deactivation of the fan (respectively stirred cold or static cold), this product adapts to you and not the other way around.

  • If you choose a cellar with a full door and an activated fan, you will be the happy owner of an ageing cellar with perfectly adapted specificities: cellar in mono temperature, which ensures a stability of 12/13°C without any variation and with filtered air;
  • if you deactivate the fan, you will obtain a service cellar, with a multi-temperature system, i.e. a difference of 7 to 8°C between the top and the bottom of the cellar. You can then consider storing red wine to be chambrered at the top, and white wine at the bottom.