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Service wine cellars

Climadiff wine cellars are a must for connoisseurs and wine lovers who want to preserve their precious bottles in ideal conditions before enjoying them.

The CBU51S2B serving cellar is a built-in under counter! It fits perfectly in your kitchen and stores your favorite bottles within easy reach with elegance. With it, you will be able to store up to 51 bottles*, distributed on the 6 wooden front shelves it has.

The CBI28S1B wine cellar can be integrated in a column and therefore fits in one of the niches of your kitchen. This small cellar can hold up to 24 bottles and gives style to your interior. Not too big, not too small: it allows you to access your best vintages at any time and to keep your wines at the ideal temperature.

The CLD115B1 is a double-zone wine cellar with 110 bottles at your fingertips, 47 in the upper part and 63 in the lower part. Your wine is brought to the ideal temperature for tasting in this 2-zone cellar, each one adjustable independently of the other, between 5 and 12°C and 12 and 20°C.

This service wine dual zone CD90B1 to benefit from 90 bottles at hand, reason of 49 in high part and 42 in low part. Your wine is at the ideal tasting temperature in this double zone cellar, each adjustable independently of the other, between 5 and 20C.

This service wine cellar single zone allows you to have 105 bottles at hand in your living room! Your wine is brought to the ideal tasting temperature in this single compartment cellar, adjustable between 5 and 20°C.

The CBU20S2B single compartment serving cellar can be installed in your kitchen. It allows you to have 20 bottles* within reach at the right temperature.

Double zone wine cellar CLD55B1 to benefit from 56 bottles at hand, 28 in each of the compartments! Your wine is brought to the ideal temperature for tasting in this 2-zone cellar, each one adjustable independently of the other, between 5 and 12°C and 12 and 20°C.

This single-zone serving cellar allows you to have 63 bottles within easy reach in your living room! Your wine is brought to the ideal tasting temperature in this single compartment cellar, adjustable between 5 and 20°C.

Dual zone wine cellar CLD40B1 to benefit from a 20 bottles zone + a second 21 bottles zone within reach in your living room! Your wine is brought to the ideal temperature for tasting in this 2-zone cellar, each one adjustable independently of the other, between 5°C and 12°C and 12°C and 20°C!

CBU7Z1B is a built-in cellar to be installed in your kitchen. It allows you to benefit from 7 bottles within reach and at the ideal tasting temperature. The CBU7Z1B can accommodate a bottle of Champagne at the bottom of the cellar.

New for 2023 - CC28F hybrid serving cellar - Ultra Silent

With a capacity of 28 bottles, the CC28F is an ultra-quiet cellar that uses high-performance technology to ensure an ideal temperature. Rated F for its ecological efficiency, it emits a discreet sound level of just 26 decibels.

Its modern design, combined with dimensions of 45 x 52.8 x 73.5 cm, offers an elegant, compact solution that blends harmoniously into small spaces. 

As well as its visual appeal, the CC28F gives you the option of controlling certain parameters remotely. This combination of generous capacity, sonic discretion and sophisticated design makes the CC28F an exceptional choice for discerning wine lovers.

New for 2023 - CC18F hybrid serving cellar - Ultra Silent

The CC18F cellar ensures the ideal temperature for your bottles. With a capacity of 18 bottles, this ultra-quiet cellar boasts remarkable performance, combining cutting-edge technology, ecological efficiency (F-rated) and a noise level of 26 decibels.

Its modern design and clear-cut dimensions of 34.5 x 48.5 x 67 cm offer an elegant solution that blends perfectly into the smallest spaces, highlighting the perfect combination of generous capacity and compactness.

In addition to its visual appeal, this cellar gives you the option of controlling and customising the temperature settings remotely, ensuring optimum preservation of your precious wines.

New for 2023 - CC12F Hybrid Wine Cellar - Ultra Silent

The CC12F cellar redefines the wine-tasting experience by ensuring the ideal temperature for your bottles. With a capacity of 12 bottles, this ultra-quiet cellar offers remarkable performance, combining cutting-edge technology, ecological efficiency (F-rated) and an exceptionally low noise level of 26 decibels.

As well as its modern looks, the CC12F stands out for its practicality and advanced features. Thanks to its clear-cut dimensions of 34.5 x 46 x 48 cm, it offers an elegant solution even in the most cramped spaces.

This cellar allows you to control and customise the temperature settings remotely, guaranteeing optimum preservation of your wines.

Climadiff service wine cellar

Climadiff wine cellars are a must for connoisseurs and demanding wine lovers who want to preserve their precious bottles in optimum conditions before enjoying them. Designed with the brand's ancestral know-how, these cellars embodyexcellence and offer a unique experience, allowing each grape variety to be savoured in all its splendour.

Thanks to their ability to adjust temperature zones precisely and flexibly, Climadiff cellars are perfectly suited to different types of wine, whether red, white or rosé. They ensure that each bottle is served at its optimum tasting temperature, preserving all its aromas and complexity.

Climadiff wine cellars are ideal for short-term storage, perfectly meeting the needs of those who wish to serve their wines in near-professional conditions, without the need for long-term storage. With Climadiff, every tasting becomes an unforgettable experience, steeped in tradition and wine-making expertise.

Enjoy your wines at the ideal temperature

The temperature at which wines are enjoyed is crucial to fully appreciating their subtle aromas and flavours. Here is a general guide to optimal temperatures for different types of wine:

Full-bodied red wines: 16-18°C. A slight rise in temperature releases the complex aromas and tannins of these robust wines.

Light red wines: 12-16°C. These wines are best enjoyed slightly chilled, bringing out their freshness and delicate fruitiness.

Dry White Wines: 8-12°C. Moderate freshness accentuates the lively acidity and fruity flavours of dry white wines.

Rosé Wines: 8-11°C Served chilled, these wines reveal all their lightness and refreshing fruity character.

Sweet wines : 6-8°C to balance their natural sweetness and avoid any sensation of heaviness.

Sparkling wines: 6-8°C, to preserve their delicate bubbles and sparkling freshness.

With Climadiff wine cellars, you can be sure that each bottle will be served at the optimum temperature, allowing you to fully enjoy each tasting experience in all its finesse and elegance.

Preserving the Wine Tradition with our Service Cellars

Exemplary temperature control: Our cellars guarantee precise and constant temperature control, providing ideal conditions for each wine. Adjustable from 5 to 20°C depending on the model, they allow you to adapt the temperature to different types of wine and to your collection.

Elimination of vibrations: Vibrations can alter the natural deposit in the bottles and affect the taste of the wine. Designed with a sophisticated anti-vibration system, our cellars minimise their impact on the wine, preserving its quality.

Light protection: Light, particularly UV rays, can degrade the quality of wine. Our cellars are equipped with protective doors and lighting systems specially designed to protect the wine from harmful exposure to light.

Adapted Temperature Zones: Choose from single, double or triple zone cellars to suit your needs, allowing you to separate bottle types and ensure the optimum temperature for each tasting session.

Customised capacity: From a few dozen to over a hundred bottles, our serving cellars are designed to meet every need and desire. This vast range also offers different sizes to suit any environment, however small.

Refined aesthetics: With an elegant design and noble materials such as wood, steel or glass, our cellars offer a personalised aesthetic that blends harmoniously into your interior and enhances your collection.

Absolute ease of use: Our teams are committed to continually developing and improving our cellars to offer you perfectly adapted temperature control solutions. Silent, energy-efficient, versatile or connected, our cellars guarantee absolute ease of use.

Guide to choosing your Climadiff wine cellar

Take an expert, traditional approach to selecting the right wine cellar for your needs. Here are some key questions to consider when choosing from our Climadiff range, renowned for its traditional approach:

How much storage capacity do you need to preserve your wines with care? Estimate the number of bottles you want to keep and choose a suitable cellar from our Climadiff range.

How much space do you have available to integrate your wine cellar into your environment? Depending on the space available in your home, you can choose a built-in, under-mounted, column-mounted or freestanding wine cellar.

What's your budget for this wine investment? Set yourself a budget envelope to find the ideal wine cellar that combines quality with your budget.

Which grape varieties and vintages would you like to keep in your wine cellar? Our Climadiff range offers cellars with several temperature zones to accommodate a variety of wines, ensuring optimal conservation.

What control and monitoring functions are essential for you? Choose a connected wine cellar from our Climadiff range if you are looking for precise control of parameters, combined with the reliability of our traditional products.

What is Climadiff's reputation for quality and expertise? With our Climadiff range, you benefit from a centuries-old reputation and ancestral know-how in the art of wine conservation, a guarantee of excellence and confidence.

What design would you like for your wine cellar? Do you prefer a modern look with a black body and screen-printed logo to show off your bottles? Or do you opt for traditional elegance?

What equipment do you prefer? Are you looking for a wine cellar equipped with a lock for extra security, childproofing to protect the little ones, and alarms to alert you in the event of a problem? As for the lighting, would you prefer soft LED lighting to enhance your bottles while preserving their quality? As for the racks, would you like racks specially designed for certain bottle positions or for a particular type of wine?

What kind of performance are you looking for? We guarantee optimised kWh consumption to preserve the integrity of your precious bottles while minimising our energy footprint. Our cellars are equipped with low-consumption LED lighting, providing optimum brightness without affecting the quality of your wine's preservation. What's more, we provide a 2-year guarantee on our cellars, with spare parts available for 10 years, guaranteeing the durability and quality of our products.

Climadiff wine cellars ensure that you always have a selection of wines at the optimum serving temperature. Their cutting-edge technology offers a range of high-quality cellars for wine tasting in the best possible conditions.

FAQ Serving wine cellars

A service wine cellar is designed to keep wines at an optimal tasting temperature, ready to be served quickly. Unlike ageing wine cellars, they are not designed for long-term storage. Find out more about serving wine cellars by clicking here!

The ideal temperature for wine cellars varies according to the type of wine. It generally lies between 7°C and 18°C, allowing wines to be stored and served at temperatures suited to their characteristics.

Ventilation ensures adequate air circulation inside the cellar, enabling an even temperature to be maintained and avoiding temperature variations that could affect the quality of the wines.

Our service wine cellars are equipped with adjustable compartments, and some even offer the option of creating different temperature zones. This means you can tailor the storage space to your specific needs and preserve different types of wine in optimum conditions.

The storage capacity of service wine cellars varies according to their size and configuration. Models can generally accommodate between 7 and 300 bottles, depending on requirements and the size of the appliance.

It's essential to consider the storage capacity, temperature range, control features, build quality and aesthetics of the wine cellar to choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences. Not sure which type of cellar is right for you? Find out right here!