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Climadiff after-sales service

Service is at the heart of our concerns. If, despite our attention to detail and know-how, you encounter a technical problem with your CLIMADIFF™ wine cellar, we invite you to contact our after-sales service: Interfroid Services. 

Interfroid Services is our partner in France: the company ensures the availability and management of spare parts throughout the warranty period. Its network of over 150 technicians enables us to intervene rapidly in France.

European and international warranties are provided by our local distributors, or by us if you buy your cellar on this website.

Need to contact Climadiff after-sales service?

To contact Interfroid Services and report your breakdown, please go to their website and explain your problem in the form provided. This is how all requests are handled from now on. To do so, please click on this link.

Please note: you will be asked to provide a number of details. This information is essential for us to process your request. Please prepare the following documents: 

Your full contact details ;

Proof of purchase / Invoice: essential to know from which Climadiff dealer you purchased our product, on what date, and also to know the cellar model and reference number.

Cellar serial number: by taking a photo of the nameplate on the back of your wine cellar: this serial number is necessary to know which spare parts are specific to your wine cellar model.

After-sales service technicians are the most competent to respond to technical and unforeseeable problems linked to the operation of your wine cellar.

You can also consult the FAQ on the InterfroidServices website by clicking on this link.