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Connected wine cellars

Climadiff, the ageing expert, puts you in control of your connected wine cellar.

MILLESIME250B, the connected wine cellar - New for 2024

Discover the brand new MILLESIME250B wine cellar, specially designed for the most demanding wine connoisseurs. It's equipped with cutting-edge technology to help you manage your precious collection. This cellar can accommodate up to 248 bottles in a single temperature zone, while offering an operating range of 5°C to 20°C. Thanks to the Vinotag app, you can monitor and control your cellar remotely, giving you total peace of mind.

What's more, the cellar features a triple-glazed door with UV protection, LED side lighting and a host of safety features designed to preserve the quality of your wines.

MILLESIME190DB connected wine cellar: the new 2024 range for an optimal wine collection

Discover the new MILLESIME range, equipped with innovative connected technology. It can be installed freestanding and has a storage capacity of 193 bottles. This cellar has two temperature zones (5°C-12°C for the upper zone and 12°C-20°C for the lower zone) so you can monitor and control your wine collection remotely using the Vinotag app.

The triple-glazed low-e glass door with UV protection, high-quality shelves and LED side lighting ensure optimum presentation of your bottles.

New for 2024: MILLESIME200B, the connected wine cellar for an exceptional collection

Discover the MILLESIME200B wine cellar, which incorporates connected technology for efficient management of your wine collection. With its single-zone storage capacity of 204 bottles and free-standing installation, you can control it remotely using the Vinotag app for maximum security.

The glass door features low-e glass triple glazing for UV protection. What's more, the LED side lighting and safety features ensure optimum presentation and preservation of your precious bottles.

New MILLESIME range, wine cellar aging innovative technology and connected!

Discover the MILLESIME140D connected wine cellar, ideal for monitoring and controlling your wine collection remotely. Storage capacity of 138 bottles, with free standing installation, the double zone wine cellar has an operating range between 5°C and 12°C for the upper zone and from 12°C to 20°C for the lower zone.

It is equipped with a triple low-e glass door, high quality shelves and LED lighting on the side. In addition, it is compatible with the Vinotag app, allowing easy temperature control and simplified wine cellar management. Its modern design in black and stainless steel completes the features of this high quality wine cellar.

Discover the MILLESIME150 connected aging wine cellar, the novelty of 2023

The free-standing wine cellar has a capacity of 149 bottles in single zone with an operating range of 5°C-20°C, free-standing installation. Thanks to the Vinotag application, the MILLESIME150 wine cellar is one of the very first connected and innovative wine cellars for optimal control of your bottles in complete safety. 

The cellar features a triple-glazed door with UV protection, remote controllable LED side lighting, and numerous safety features to preserve the quality of your wine. The wine cellar's sleek black and stainless steel design perfectly showcases its contents and easily fits into any location for optimal presentation.

Climadiff connected wine cellars

Climadiff unveils its wine cellars offering a sophisticated, connected solution for the most demanding wine lovers looking to preserve their precious bottles in ideal conditions.

The range of wine cellars features advanced, connected technology, allowing total control of wine storage and ageing. Thanks to these innovative features, you can keep a close eye on the evolution of your bottles, guaranteeing an optimal tasting experience every time.

The elegant, contemporary design of these wine cellars, with their embossed logo and stainless steel finish, makes them perfect for showcasing your bottles and adding a touch of sophistication to your home. Available in single or double zone capacities, these cellars can hold between 138 and 248 bottles, offering flexibility to suit your needs.

What's more, equipped with top-of-the-range shelves and triple-glazed doors with low-e glass, these cellars provide optimum protection for your precious nectars. Their silent operation, class F with a noise level of between 37 and 38 decibels, guarantees unrivalled peace of mind.

Guide to using a connected wine cellar

Discover the Vinotag® digital wine book by Climadiff: transform your traditional wine cellar into a digital version for optimum management of your collection. Thanks to Vinotag®, you have a faithful representation of your cellar and theprecise location of each bottle. Customise your cellar model by adding or removing racks as required, for realistic, efficient management.

Control your cellar's essential parameters remotely using Vinotag® technology. With a simple WiFi connection, you can monitor and adjust the lighting, temperature and alarms to suit your preferences, even when you're away from home. You can also switch on the lights inside your cellar to show off your selection of wines when you're entertaining, or change the temperature to ensure optimum preservation while you're on holiday.

Discover the Vinotag® application

Vinotag® is an innovative application that allows you to consult a digital version of your wine cellar directly from your smartphone. Whether in the form of a graph or a list of wines, this application gives you easy access to information about your bottles and their precise locations, simplifying the management of your collection.

To check whether your wine cellar is compatible with Vinotag®, simply download the application or visit You'll find a list of wine cellars supported by the app, so you can see if your model is compatible.

FAQ Connected wine cellars

A connected wine cellar is a device equipped with digital technology that allows you to control and monitor various wine conservation parameters, such as temperature, humidity and light levels, remotely via a mobile application or online platform.

Connected wine cellars allow you to monitor and control the storage conditions of your wines remotely, guaranteeing their integrity and quality. In addition, they often offer additional functions such as inventory management, tasting recommendations and alerts in the event of abnormal variations in storage conditions. In general, it is between 10°C and 15°C for red wines and between 7°C and 10°C for white and rosé wines.

A connected wine cellar is equipped with built-in sensors that measure various parameters such as temperature, humidity and light levels in real time. This data is then transmitted to a mobile application or online platform, enabling users to monitor and control the storage conditions of their wines remotely.

Yes, connected wine cellars are even safer thanks to their advanced features. They generally feature alerts in the event of unusual temperature variations or a poorly closed door, enabling users to react quickly to protect their precious bottles. In addition, manufacturers take security measures to protect users' data and guarantee the confidentiality of their personal information.

Connected wine cellars offer additional features such as personalised tasting recommendations based on your wine collection, information on food and wine pairings and tasting notes shared by other users. These features can enrich your wine-tasting experience by providing valuable information and helping you discover new wines.