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Wine cellars shelves

Optimize your wine cellar with KITBOIS200: elegant natural wood shelves, simplified organization, and perfect compatibility with GARDE 200, PCLP160, CPW160B1, PCLP205 and CPW204B1.

BOX26XL Sapelli Drawer: the perfect storage solution for your champagne bottles

Organize your champagne bottles in style with the BOX26XL Sapelli Drawer. Designed for the bottom of your cellar, this storage unit can hold up to 18 bottles. Made from high-quality sapelli, it preserves the freshness and quality of your champagne. Compatible with Climadiff reference RESERVE300XL, this drawer is easy to install and adds a touch of elegance to your collection.

Keep your champagne bottles within easy reach in style with the BOX26 Sapelli drawer. With a capacity of 16 bottles, this mounted storage unit lets you organize your wine cellar in style. Compatible with Climadiff references RESERVE185, RESERVE225 and RESERVE275, it maximizes space and preserves the quality of your wines.

Sapelli drawer DRAWER20XL: Elegance and practicality for your wine cellar

Protect your magnum wines in style with the DRAWER20XL Sapelli drawer. Its capacity of 26 Bordeaux bottles, elegant design and sliding rails make it the ideal solution for a luxurious wine cellar. Preserve the value and quality of your exceptional wines in a practical, attractive drawer.

Sapelli drawer for an elegant wine cellar DRAWER20

Protect your magnum wines in style with the DRAWER20 sapelli drawer. Its luxurious, functional design offers optimal organization for up to 22 Bordeaux bottles. Easy to install, compatible with 3 Climadiff references. An elegant solution for an impeccable wine cellar.

Practical storage: DRAWER15XL drawer for your wine cellar, compatible with RESERVE300XL

Preserve the quality of your precious wines with this luxurious Sapelli wood drawer. Its robust design protects your bottles from UV rays, preserving their delicate aromas. With a capacity of 13 Bordeaux bottles and easy assembly, this drawer is the perfect addition to your wine cellar.

Discover the DRAWER15 Sapelli Drawer: Protect Your Wines with Elegance and Luxury

Protect your precious wines from harmful UV rays and add a touch of luxury to your storage space. This drawer is designed in sapelli wood, offering both functionality and aesthetics. Discover its adapted dimensions and capacity for 11 Bordeaux bottles. Easy to install and compatible with various Climadiff and Avintage references, this drawer enables you to create an elegant and refined wine cellar.

DISPLAY70 display rack for wine cellar: Enhance your bottles and your collection

Show off your best bottles of wine with the presentation rack. Enjoy optimal preservation thanks to its elegant design and solid construction. Easy to install, this rack is compatible with Climadiff RESERVE300XL references. Give your wine cellar the perfect accessory to enhance your collection.

The Presentation Rack: showcase your bottles and optimize your wine cellar

Showcase your bottles with the Climadiff presentation rack. Designed for RESERVE185, RESERVE225 and RESERVE275, this elegant rack offers optimal storage for your favorite wines. Easy to assemble, individually packaged.

Personalize your wine cellar with the LATERAL_SHELF_1/70 special rack.

Discover the ideal solution for showcasing your precious bottles of wine and personalizing your wine cellar with the LATERAL_SHELF_1/70 specific rack. With its trendy design and solid SAPELLI wood construction, this rack offers perfect stability while adding a touch of elegance to your tasting space.

Create an exquisite display space with PRESENTATIONMIL racks

Showcase your bottles in style with the PRESENTATIONMIL rack in sappelli wood. Personalize your wine cellar and add an extra level of storage. Perfectly compatible with the MILLESIME range. Optimum preservation of aromas. Superior quality and humidity resistance.

LATERALMIL Clayette: Increase your storage space and enhance your wine cellar

The LATERALMIL wine rack is the ideal solution for passionate wine lovers looking to expand their collection. By adding this rack to your wine cellar, you can maximize the use of your storage space and create a customized interior configuration to meet your specific needs. It is compatible with the entire MILLESIME range.

Climadiff innovation: reversible wooden shelve COLLECTOR1/70 for horizontal storage of Bordeaux or Burgundy wine bottles.

Reversible wooden wine cellar rack for the storage of Bordeaux (14 bottles) or Burgundy (13 bottles) wine bottles.

Optimize your storage space with the STANDARDMIL rack

The STANDARDMIL rack is the ideal choice for optimizing your storage space and showcasing your precious wine collection. Its clever design, sturdy material and optimized storage capacity make it an indispensable addition to your wine cellar. Compatible with all MILLESIME references.

Discover the UNIVERSELLE1/70 solid wood rack for your wine cellar. Its trendy design ensures perfect stability for your bottles, avoiding vibrations. With a capacity of 13 bottles, this rack allows you to optimize space while keeping your wines within easy reach. Compatible with several references, personalize your wine cellar according to your preferences. Included sliding rails make installation easy. Compact dimensions for easy integration. Protect and enhance your collection with this quality SAPELLI solid wood rack.

This UNIVERSAL rack is made of solid wood to accommodate a maximum number of bottles while ensuring perfect stability. Its trendy design allows the different bottle sizes to be perfectly stable, thus avoiding potential vibrations.

Large wooden shelve PREMIUM1/70 for the storage of 13 bottles in Climadiff wine cellars.

PREMIUM1/62 wood shelve for the storage of 11 bottles in Climadiff wine cellars.

Set of 2 RAILV3 sliding rails to be installed in your wine cellar so that the fixed shelves become sliding (depending on compatibility).

Wooden presentation kit, adaptable on PREMIUM1/70 rack for the elegant presentation of your bottles in Climadiff wine cellar.

Wooden presentation kit, adaptable on PREMIUM1/62 rack for the elegant presentation of your bottles in Climadiff wine cellar.

Half rack in wood CONFORT 3², ideal to optimize the storage of bottles at the bottom of your wine cellar

Steel wire rack and solid wood pediment for Climadiff wine cellar.

Wine cellar racks, also known as "wine cellar shelves", allow you to optimise the storage of your wine cellar, and even optimise access to the bottles stored thanks to the installation of sliding rails and compatible shelves. Wooden or steel wire racks? Fixed or sliding shelves? The choice is yours!