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Product around the wine

Equipped with a library of about thirty preset temperatures, the ECHANSON2 bottle cooler from Climadiff makes it possible to quickly bring a bottle of wine or Champagne to the ideal tasting temperature, and to keep it there.

Smart rechargeable electronic corkscrew 4 in 1

Ideal accessory to accompany you throughout the tasting of your wine. It will allow you to open the bottle without effort, to pour the wine with delicacy and finally to preserve the opened bottles for an optimal preservation of the aromas in time. Its shiny black and copper colors make this smart corkscrew a trendy accessory that will easily fit in any kitchen.

Discover our automatic wine pump stopper to empty the air from your opened wine bottles and preserve your wines longer. Climadiff's EVAC'O2 is the most efficient on the market ! Rechargeable by USB it lasts a long time and comes with 2 reusable stoppers.

Trendy object and Climadiff favorite ! Discover this ultra trendy, absolutely decorative and very practical wine cork collector frame !

Climadiff TB5040 electric corkscrew:

No need to force to open your best bottles thanks to this electric corkscrew in copper! This novelty signed Climadiff, allows you to uncork effortlessly all types of corks. Just place it on top of your bottle, press the button to easily remove the cork. Finally, its new modern design will adapt to all environments.

Another advantage, it is equipped with a cap cutter integrated into the support!

Works with 4 batteries (LR6) not included.

You have bought a Climadiff wine cellar and are now looking for accessories to maintain it or optimise its storage? You are at the right place! Who better than Climadiff to offer you accessories perfectly compatible with your wine cellar model?

You will find below the carbon filters necessary to renew and purify the air in your multi-purpose cellar, or thermometers - hygrometers for a perfect temperature control. Don't hesitate to install labels on your shelves to make it easier to find your stored bottles.