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Active filters

Air treatment


3 in 1 filter: Pre-filter + HEPA 13 filter + Activated carbon filter Pre-filter catches large particles such as dust, hair, pet hair

HEPA 13 filter: removes fine dust, cigarette smoke, bacteria, mould, germs

Activated carbon filter: absorbs odours, smoke

Note: It is important to remove the cover before installing the new filter on your wine cellar to ensure proper operation.


HEPA 13 filter: High Efficiency for Airborne Particles. It is recommended to change it every 3 months. Lifetime of the filter: 1 000 hours

Do you want to keep your house or flat clean? Without sufficient ventilation, our homes are often polluted. Choose a Climadiff air purifier! Rather trendy and connected? Discover the Climadiff range of purifiers. To treat allergens, dust or pollution.