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The heritage of a French wine family

Traditional wine cellars, a legacy of family know-how.

The tradition of wine is a thousand-year-old heritage handed down from generation to generation, embodying French culture, art de vivre and viticultural know-how.

Born of the passion of an 11-generation family of winegrowers, Climadiff preserves this knowledge and these rituals in exceptional ageing cellars, the expression of a heritage from the world of wine. The art of Climadiff preservation is a carefully guarded secret reserved exclusively for wine enthusiasts and informed oenophiles.

Climadiff wine cellars

The art of preserving your wines

The fruit of the imagination and commitment of a French family committed to wine, the Climadiff wine cellar brand was founded in 1995 just outside Marseille, in Provence.

The founders are passionate about history, and committed to preserving traditions and heritage, particularly wine. Owners for generations of a 100 hectare wine-growing estate, 50 of which are vineyards, they have passed on their know-how and values to the Climadiff brand.

Climadiff's success was immediate, and the brand became the market leader in France. Climadiff's exceptional knowledge and understanding of wine and its secrets enabled it to introduce to the general public wine cellars capable of reproducing the conservation conditions of an underground cellar. Aging became the brand's signature.

History of the logo

The Climadiff logo through the years





Frio Group

European leader and global player in wine cellars

In 2011, the brand was acquired by the French Groupe FRIO, based in Sarthe. A pivotal development for the brand followed, with the creation of a range of temperature-controlled wine cellars. The success of this new expertise quickly led to intensified development on the international market.

Since then, Climadiff has been providing wine lovers in over 80 countries with ageing and temperature-control solutions, and is the embodiment of France's winegrowing heritage.




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European leader and a key global player in the wine cellar sector, Frio Groupe offers wine cellars and wine accessories for both professional and private customers, based on the expertise of its flagship brands: La Sommelière, Climadiff, Avintage, Provintech and TempTech.

A partner of leading national and international distributors and kitchen designers, the group exports to over 80 countries. Based in Arnage (near Le Mans), Frio Groupe employs around 100 people worldwide and generates sales of 75 million euros.


Patrimoine, Tradition, Passion


Fervent défenseur de la culture française et du monde  viticole nous préservons vos grands crus et valorisons les  vignerons français. Le vin fait partie de notre culture, de  notre histoire et de nos produits. Précieusement conservé  dans nos caves, le vin vieillit, se bonifie et devient votre  patrimoine.


Nous privilégions la pérennité et la stabilité à la nouveauté et  aux tendances. La vocation première des caves Climadiff est  de conserver le vin et le restera. Le vieillissement est notre  cœur d’expertise et sa pleine expression, notamment par la  dégustation, notre engagement. Adaptées au monde actuel,  nos caves restent traditionnelles et renferment un savoir-  faire préservé.


Animés par une passion commune, notre savoir-faire est  unique et notre compréhension, du vin et de ses secrets,  exceptionnelle. Nos caves à vin permettent de partager cette  passion en accompagnant les bouteilles à leur apogée ou à  température de dégustation.