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Contrary to what you might think, the air inside your home is often more polluted than outside! Indoor air can be up to five times more polluted than outdoor air. 

Our Climadiff purifiers are specially designed to improve your indoor air quality and are effective against fine dust, cigarette smoke, bacteria or mold.

The AIRPUR3 air purifier is connected ! Purify your living space up to 50m2 and eliminate 99.95% of fine particles including bacteria, pollen, allergens etc... but also bad smells.

Thanks to the "TuyaSmart" application, you can activate the purifier remotely and check the air quality in your room at any time.

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The Airpur1 fan and air purifier. It removes 99.95% of the ultrafine particles in the air. Effective against fine dust, cigarette smoke, bacteria, mould and germs.

Find a healthy and purified interior thanks to Airpur1 !

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3 in 1 filter: Pre-filter + HEPA 13 filter + Activated carbon filter Pre-filter catches large particles such as dust, hair, pet hair

HEPA 13 filter: removes fine dust, cigarette smoke, bacteria, mould, germs

Activated carbon filter: absorbs odours, smoke

Note: It is important to remove the cover before installing the new filter on your wine cellar to ensure proper operation.

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