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Wine cellars

In the heady world of winemaking, every sip evokes a sensory journey steeped in tradition and passion. At Climadiff, we celebrate this art by offering a range of wine cellars designed with meticulous attention to detail, to preserve the richness of each vintage.

The CBU20S2B single compartment serving cellar can be installed in your kitchen. It allows you to have 20 bottles* within reach at the right temperature.

Double zone wine cellar CLD55B1 to benefit from 56 bottles at hand, 28 in each of the compartments! Your wine is brought to the ideal temperature for tasting in this 2-zone cellar, each one adjustable independently of the other, between 5 and 12°C and 12 and 20°C.

This single-zone serving cellar allows you to have 63 bottles within easy reach in your living room! Your wine is brought to the ideal tasting temperature in this single compartment cellar, adjustable between 5 and 20°C.

Dual zone wine cellar CLD40B1 to benefit from a 20 bottles zone + a second 21 bottles zone within reach in your living room! Your wine is brought to the ideal temperature for tasting in this 2-zone cellar, each one adjustable independently of the other, between 5°C and 12°C and 12°C and 20°C!

CBU7Z1B is a built-in cellar to be installed in your kitchen. It allows you to benefit from 7 bottles within reach and at the ideal tasting temperature. The CBU7Z1B can accommodate a bottle of Champagne at the bottom of the cellar.

New for 2023 - CC28F hybrid serving cellar - Ultra Silent

With a capacity of 28 bottles, the CC28F is an ultra-quiet cellar that uses high-performance technology to ensure an ideal temperature. Rated F for its ecological efficiency, it emits a discreet sound level of just 26 decibels.

Its modern design, combined with dimensions of 45 x 52.8 x 73.5 cm, offers an elegant, compact solution that blends harmoniously into small spaces. 

As well as its visual appeal, the CC28F gives you the option of controlling certain parameters remotely. This combination of generous capacity, sonic discretion and sophisticated design makes the CC28F an exceptional choice for discerning wine lovers.

New for 2023 - CC18F hybrid serving cellar - Ultra Silent

The CC18F cellar ensures the ideal temperature for your bottles. With a capacity of 18 bottles, this ultra-quiet cellar boasts remarkable performance, combining cutting-edge technology, ecological efficiency (F-rated) and a noise level of 26 decibels.

Its modern design and clear-cut dimensions of 34.5 x 48.5 x 67 cm offer an elegant solution that blends perfectly into the smallest spaces, highlighting the perfect combination of generous capacity and compactness.

In addition to its visual appeal, this cellar gives you the option of controlling and customising the temperature settings remotely, ensuring optimum preservation of your precious wines.

New for 2023 - CC12F Hybrid Wine Cellar - Ultra Silent

The CC12F cellar redefines the wine-tasting experience by ensuring the ideal temperature for your bottles. With a capacity of 12 bottles, this ultra-quiet cellar offers remarkable performance, combining cutting-edge technology, ecological efficiency (F-rated) and an exceptionally low noise level of 26 decibels.

As well as its modern looks, the CC12F stands out for its practicality and advanced features. Thanks to its clear-cut dimensions of 34.5 x 46 x 48 cm, it offers an elegant solution even in the most cramped spaces.

This cellar allows you to control and customise the temperature settings remotely, guaranteeing optimum preservation of your wines.

Climadiff wine cellars

Ageing cellar :

The Ageing Cellar is designed for wine enthusiasts who appreciate aged treasures. It ensures temperature stability, controlled hygrometry and total darkness, promoting optimal ageing of the wine.

Service cellar :

The Service Cellar is specially designed for demanding connoisseurs who appreciate tasting at the ideal temperature. Thanks to its precise control system, it allows you to adjust the temperature for each grape variety, guaranteeing an incomparable tasting experience.

Multi-temperature cellar:

The Multi-Temperature Cellar is designed for wine enthusiasts who collect a variety of vintages. It responds to this diversity by offering multiple temperature zones, perfectly adapted to each type of wine, ensuring optimal conservation of all the richness of your cellar.

Connected cellar : 

The cellar connected elegantly combines the timeless charm of tradition with the practicality of modern technology. It's much more than just a place to store wine; it's packed with innovative features that allow you to control every parameter remotely. Thanks to this connectivity, you can monitor and adjust the conditions of your cellar wherever you are, giving you total peace of mind and meticulous monitoring of your precious collection.

Built-in cellar :

The Built-in Cellar embodies discretion and elegance, blending in perfectly with your interior. Its meticulous, refined design allows it to blend harmoniously into your living space, adding a touch of sober, elegant aesthetics. Thanks to its built-in design, it offers a discreet solution for preserving your wines while preserving the harmony of your interior décor.

Wine accessories :

Our range of accessories completes our offer, with a varied selection of wine-related gadgets and accessories to personalise your wine cellar. From stylish corkscrews to charcoal filters and extra shelves to maximise your storage space, each accessory is carefully chosen to enrich your wine experience.

Guide to choosing your ideal cellar

Number of temperature zones: 

Make sure the cellar offers several adjustable temperature zones to meet the needs of your different types of wine, guaranteeing optimal preservation.

Storage capacity: 

Select a cellar with a capacity that matches the size of your collection, whether small or large, so you're not limited in the number of bottles you can store.

Type of installation: 

Decide whether you prefer a freestanding or built-in wine cellar for harmonious integration into your living space, taking into account your space constraints and personal aesthetics.

Choice of door : 

Choose a glass door with UV protection, a double or triple glazed door, or a solid door depending on your aesthetic preferences and the desired storage conditions for your wines.

Interior lighting : 

Check that the built-in LED lighting is bright enough to show off your bottles while preserving their quality, creating an elegant ambience in your wine cellar.

Bottle safety : 

Make sure the cellar is equipped with anti-vibration and humidity control devices to optimally protect your bottles from damage and unwanted spoilage.

Rack quality: 

Examine the quality of the racks available in the cellar, making sure they are suitable for the types of bottles you plan to store and offer optimum support to preserve the integrity of your wines.

Connectivity with the Vinotag® application: 

If you're looking for modern and convenient management of your wine cellar, check that the cellar is compatible with the Vinotag® app, allowing you to monitor your collection and manage your cellar settings remotely in an efficient and intuitive way.

Our range of wine cellars offers solutions for all wine lovers, from traditional storage to modern connectivity. Whether you're looking for a cellar for ageing, tasting, or storing your varied vintages, we've got you covered. In addition to cellars, we offer a selection of accessories to personalise your wine experience.

At Climadiff, we are committed to providing you with a complete and satisfying wine experience.

FAQ Wine cellars

Ageing wine cellars are designed for long-term storage of wines, maintaining a constant temperature and humidity. Service wine cellars are designed to maintain wines at an optimal tasting temperature and are generally used for wines that are ready to be served. Read our article on the different types of wine cellar to find out more!

The ideal temperature for storing wine varies according to the type of wine. In general, it is between 10°C and 15°C for red wines and between 7°C and 10°C for white and rosé wines.

Humidity is important to maintain the integrity of cork stoppers and prevent them from drying out, which could compromise the seal of the bottles and alter the quality of the wine. A humidity level of between 50% and 80% is recommended.

The capacity of the wine cellar depends on the number of bottles you wish to store and the space available in your home. It is advisable to plan for a capacity slightly greater than your current needs, in anticipation of future wine purchases.

To maintain your wine cellar, we recommend that you clean the inside regularly with a soft, damp cloth, check that the cooling system is working properly and check the temperature and humidity regularly.

Important features include precise temperature control, good insulation, an anti-vibration system, a UV-resistant glass door and wooden or metal shelves for optimum bottle storage.