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Aging wine cellar RESERVE300XL meeting all the ideal conditions to make age your most beautiful bottles with a capacity of 294 bottles. A contemporary design with a matte black effect and a silk-screened "cellar register" counter door. Equipped with the winter system, it maintains a positive temperature in your cellar in winter period. Made in Europe.

Quelle Garantie ?
Garantie 2 ans
Livraison gratuite

The RESERVE300XL aging wine cellar with a silk-screened "Cellar Register" counter door in free standing, allows to keep up to 294* bottles of wine in the best conditions, approaching the one offered by the traditional underground cellars.

294 bottle aging wine cellar RESERVE300XL

The Climadiff RESERVE300XL aging wine cellar meets the primary requirements for long term preservation and aging of wine until its optimal tasting period. The respect of the "5 golden rules" is essential for the wine to deliver all the expected organoleptic qualities, namely :

  • A stable, adequate and constant temperature: golden rule number 1 of an aging cellar! Once the temperature is set, you can be sure that your wine will not undergo temperature changes that could be fatal to it.
  • Perfect stability: an anti-vibration system integrated in the wine cellar to ensure perfect stability of the stored bottles
  • Total darkness: The solid door is the only way to preserve 100% of the wine from light. UV rays harm the wine, endanger its aging and inevitably alter its taste.
  • Regulated humidity: the humidity level inside the cellar is regulated and controlled; this is as important as the temperature. A cellar that is too humid or too dry will have consequences on the wine. Climadiff cellars integrate the optimal regulation of hygrometry.
  • Healthy and filtered air: the cellar is delivered with an activated carbon filter whose role is very important: it regulates, filters, purifies and renews the air to avoid any type of inconvenience inside the cellar (odors, mold, ...). Your bottles are safe from any bacteria.

Moreover, these golden rules are not the only advantages of the RESERVE300XL cellar which seduce by other significant performances as :

  • European manufacturing (Portugal) !

Designed by professionals whose know-how is no longer to be proven, this Climadiff wine cellar is attracting more and more wine lovers. Equipped with the winter system, the RESERVE300XL can be installed in an unheated room of your home, such as a cellar or a garage. This allows you to maintain a positive temperature in your cellar and prevents your bottles from freezing during the winter.

2 years total warranty (parts, labor and travel in France).

* Capacity defined as an indication with 75cl bottles of Bordeaux tradition type. The addition of shelves considerably reduces the storage capacity.


Data sheet

Use :
Aging wine cellar
Capacity (with 75cl bottles of traditional Bordeaux):
Installation :
Pose libre
Temperature range (°C) :
Number of temperature zones :
Door type :
Porte pleine
Reversible door :
Exterior colour :
Number of fixed shelves :
Number of sliding shelves :
Number of carbon filter(s) :
Digital temperature display :
Système de régulation :
Fonction hiver :
Nature de l’appareil :
Roulettes :
2 à l’arrière
Pied(s) réglable(s) :
Serrure :
Système anti-vibration :
Eclairage intérieur :
LED Blanc avec interrupteur
Dimensions nettes (sans emballage, LxPxH cm) :
Dimensions brutes (avec emballage, L x P x :
Poids net (sans emballage, kg) :
Poids brut (avec emballage, kg) :
Sound level :
Consommation électrique (kW/an) :
Energy class :
Warranty included :
Totale 2 ans (Pièces, MO & déplacement)
Bottles :
L (+ de 170 bouteilles)

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