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Service wine cellar CLD115B1 - 110 bottles

The CLD115B1 is a double-zone wine cellar with 110 bottles at your fingertips, 47 in the upper part and 63 in the lower part. Your wine is brought to the ideal temperature for tasting in this 2-zone cellar, each one adjustable independently of the other, between 5 and 12°C and 12 and 20°C.

Quelle Garantie ?
Garantie 2 ans
Livraison gratuite

The advantages of the CLD115B1 wine cellar 

The CLD115B1 wine cellar is new for 2023, with a new elegant black design: with its dual zone, the cellar offers the undeniable advantage of being able to store 2 types of wine at different temperatures in a single unit.

Intuitive and modern, the serving cellar has a touch control panel on the front of the door! The "Soft Touch" settings allow you to configure the cellar without opening the door. The cold stays inside, your wine is preserved. 

The black of the cellar and the natural wood of the shelves combine with style and add character to the appliance. The white LED lighting invites you to look and taste. A switch allows you to turn off the lighting if you wish.

The CLD115B1 wine cellar has a safety lock to prevent children from changing the configuration of your appliance, as well as visual and audible alarms to alert you if the cellar needs your attention.

CLD115B1 Dual Zone Wine Cellar 

The CLD115B1 double zone wine cellar allows the storage of :

  • 47 bottles in the upper zone, adjustable from 5 to 12°C ;
  • and 63 other bottles in the lower zone, between 12 and 20°C.

The service cellar works with stirred refrigeration with good cooling and temperature control performances.

Delivered with 4 sliding steel wire shelves and wooden fronts, the CLD115B1 wine cellar offers great comfort of use and allows you to easily access the 110 bottles it contains. This 125.5 cm high model takes up very little space and offers a very well optimised storage capacity.

Summary of the strengths of the CLD115B1 serving cellar 

  • Dual zone: 2 independently adjustable compartments to store 2 types of wine at 2 temperatures;
  • Maximum capacity: 110 bottles*;
  • Aesthetic and contemporary;
  • White LED lighting;
  • Touch control panel on the front of the door: no need to open the door to access the settings but also no more unnecessary temperature drops inside the cellar;
  • Anti-vibration system;
  • 1 glazed door, grey double glazed with anti-UV treated tempered glass.
  • Main features CLD115B1 
  • 4 steel wire shelves, wooden front (beech), semi-sliding type
  • 2 adjustable feet (height 0,8 cm);
  • Electronic thermometer (white);
  • White LED lighting with switch;
  • Handle.

Please note: If you are looking for a similar double zone wine cellar but with a smaller storage capacity, we invite you to consult our model CLD55B1 (56 bottles), or the CLS45B1 with its 41 bottles. For an overview of the single zone cellars in the range, please refer to the CLS31, CLS41 and CLS63.


Data sheet

Use :
Service wine cellars
Capacity (with 75cl bottles of traditional Bordeaux):
Installation :
Pose libre
Recommended room for installation :
Temperature range (°C) :
5-12°C / 12-20°C
Number of temperature zones :
Door type :
Porte vitrée
Door processing :
Reversible door :
Exterior colour :
Number of semi-sliding shelves :
Digital temperature display :
Système de régulation :
Nature de l’appareil :
Type de froid :
Pied(s) réglable(s) :
Système anti-vibration :
Eclairage intérieur :
LED Blanc avec interrupteur
Couleur LED :
Dimensions nettes (sans emballage, LxPxH cm) :
Dimensions brutes (avec emballage, L x P x :
Poids net (sans emballage, kg) :
Poids brut (avec emballage, kg) :
Alarm .
Visuelle et sonore
Sound level :
Consommation électrique (kW/an) :
Energy class :
Climate class (ideal outdoor temperature) :
SN (10 -32°C)
Voltage (Volt) :
Power (Watt) :
Made in :
Warranty included :
Totale 2 ans (Pièces, MO & déplacement)
Bottles :
M (56 -170 bouteilles)
Smartphone application :

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