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Sapelli drawer for an elegant wine cellar DRAWER20

Protect your magnum wines in style with the DRAWER20 sapelli drawer. Its luxurious, functional design offers optimal organization for up to 22 Bordeaux bottles. Easy to install, compatible with 3 Climadiff references. An elegant solution for an impeccable wine cellar.

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Protect your magnum wines in style

Give your precious magnum bottles the protection they deserve with the DRAWER20 sapelli drawer. This exquisite drawer is specially designed to protect your bottles from the damaging effects of light, preserving their quality and flavor. Thanks to its high-quality sapelli construction, this drawer also adds a touch of luxury and elegance to your wine cellar.

Sapelli is a precious wood known for its durability and natural beauty. Its fine grain and rich hue give the DRAWER20 drawer a luxurious appearance that will perfectly complement your collection of fine wines. By choosing this sapelli drawer, you add value to your cellar and create an environment conducive to optimal aging of your bottles.

Functional design for optimum organization

The DRAWER20 drawer is designed with particular attention to functionality and organization. Its clear-cut dimensions of 51 x 55.5 x 19 cm provide ample space for up to 22 standard Bordeaux bottles. The included RAILV3 sliding rails provide easy access to your bottles, allowing you to store and retrieve them with ease.

Whether you're a passionate wine lover or an experienced collector, this sapelli drawer offers you a practical and elegant storage solution. Its capacity allows you to store your magnum bottles with care, preserving their integrity and making them easy to consult. With the DRAWER20 drawer, organizing your wine cellar becomes child's play.

Compatibility and ease of installation

The DRAWER20 drawer is delivered unassembled for easy transport and installation in your wine cellar. It is compatible with several references such as DVA265PA+, DVP265G (Avintage references), RESERVE185, RESERVE225 and RESERVE275 (Climadiff references). So you can be sure it will fit in perfectly with your existing equipment.

What's more, the use of the RAILV3 sliding rails supplied ensures safe and secure installation of the DRAWER20 drawer. You can rely on the quality and reliability of this product to protect your magnum wines and show them off to their best advantage in your wine cellar.


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