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Discover the UNIVERSELLE1/70 solid wood rack for your wine cellar. Its trendy design ensures perfect stability for your bottles, avoiding vibrations. With a capacity of 13 bottles, this rack allows you to optimize space while keeping your wines within easy reach. Compatible with several references, personalize your wine cellar according to your preferences. Included sliding rails make installation easy. Compact dimensions for easy integration. Protect and enhance your collection with this quality SAPELLI solid wood rack.

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Trendy design for perfect stability

Let your bottles rest safely: the UNIVERSELLE1/70 solid wood rack is specially designed to meet your wine storage needs. Its trendy design and solid wood construction add a touch of elegance to your wine cellar. This rack also provides perfect stability for your bottles, avoiding potential vibrations that could alter the quality of your wine.

Accommodate a maximum number of bottles in style: with a capacity of 13 bottles, the UNIVERSELLE1/70 rack lets you optimize the space in your wine cellar. Its ingenious design accommodates different bottle formats while ensuring stability. Whether you have bottles of red wine, white wine or champagne, this rack is ideal for keeping your precious bottles close at hand, ready to be enjoyed at any time.

Personalize your wine cellar with the UNIVERSAL rack

A versatile rack for all your references: the UNIVERSELLE1/70 rack is compatible with several references, including DHA305PA, DVA305PA+, DVP305G, DVA305G (Avintage brand references) and RESERVE300XL. So you can personalize your wine cellar by choosing the references that match your preferences and bottle collection. Take advantage of this flexibility to create a storage space that reflects you and your passion for wine.

Convenient installation with sliding rails included: to facilitate installation, the UNIVERSELLE1/70 rack comes with RAILV3 sliding rails. So you don't have to worry about adjusting the rack in your wine cellar. The sliding rails ensure easy insertion and removal of the rack, giving you quick access to your favorite bottles. Take advantage of this convenience to organize your wine cellar efficiently and conveniently.

Compact dimensions for easy integration

With clear dimensions of 59 cm wide, 55.5 cm deep and 3 cm high, the UNIVERSELLE1/70 rack fits perfectly into your wine cellar. Its light weight of 1.16 kg also makes it easy to install. You can therefore choose this rack with confidence, knowing that it will integrate harmoniously into your existing storage space, while optimizing its storage capacity.

Protect and enhance your precious collection: the UNIVERSELLE1/70 rack in SAPELLI is the ideal choice for wine lovers who want to protect and enhance their precious collection. Its solid wood construction ensures optimum strength and durability, while adding a touch of elegance to your wine cellar.


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