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Lateral shelf MILLESIME LATERALMIL range

LATERALMIL Clayette: Increase your storage space and enhance your wine cellar

The LATERALMIL wine rack is the ideal solution for passionate wine lovers looking to expand their collection. By adding this rack to your wine cellar, you can maximize the use of your storage space and create a customized interior configuration to meet your specific needs. It is compatible with the entire MILLESIME range.

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Versatility and storage capacity

The LATERALMIL can hold up to 8 standard Bordeaux 75cl bottles horizontally in a row, or 11 bottles upside-down. Its sturdy construction enables several rows of bottles to be stored. With LATERALMIL, you can organize and store your bottles with confidence, safe in the knowledge that they are secure and easy to access.

Made from high-quality sappelli wood

LATERALMIL is made from sappelli wood, a material renowned for its strength and durability. This high-quality wood ensures exceptional longevity for the rack, enabling you to enjoy your investment for many years to come. As well as being sturdy, sappelli wood adds a touch of elegance to your wine cellar, creating a refined, warm ambience.

Dimensions and technical specifications

The LATERALMIL is 50 cm long, 53.8 cm deep and 3.4 cm high. Thanks to its compact design, it fits easily into your wine cellar without taking up too much valuable space. You can install it according to your preferences and create a harmonious arrangement to showcase your favorite wines.

With a net weight of just 2.12 kg, LATERALMIL is lightweight and easy to handle. You can install it quickly and easily in your wine cellar without the need for additional assistance. Installation takes just a few minutes, so you can quickly enjoy the benefits it has to offer.

Compatibility with the MILLESIME range

LATERALMIL is compatible with all MILLESIME wine cellars, including MILLESIME150, MILLESIME200, MILLESIME250, MILLESIME140D, MILLESIME190D and MILLESIME240D. Whether you already own a wine cellar from this range, or are considering acquiring one in the future, the LATERALMIL is a versatile option that will fit in perfectly with your existing or future configuration.


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