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Create an exquisite display space with PRESENTATIONMIL racks

Showcase your bottles in style with the PRESENTATIONMIL rack in sappelli wood. Personalize your wine cellar and add an extra level of storage. Perfectly compatible with the MILLESIME range. Optimum preservation of aromas. Superior quality and humidity resistance.

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Enhance your bottles with elegant presentation

Give your precious bottles the treatment they deserve by showcasing them with the PRESENTATIONMIL presentation rack. Made from sappelli wood, this rack combines elegance and sturdiness to provide the perfect display stand for your wines. Its meticulous design and refined finish make it an aesthetically pleasing addition to your wine cellar. With PRESENTATIONMIL, you can now create an exquisite presentation space that will impress your guests and enhance your wine collection.

Customize your Wine Cellar Configuration

The PRESENTATIONMIL presentation rack gives you the opportunity to customize the interior configuration of your wine cellar. Add an extra level of storage or use it as a centerpiece to showcase your most special bottles. Net dimensions of 50 x 53.8 x 19.5 cm. 

Superior quality for optimum preservation

In addition to its impressive aesthetics, the PRESENTATIONMIL display rack offers superior quality to ensure optimum preservation of your bottles. Made from sappelli wood, it is specially designed to resist humidity and temperature variations, ensuring that the delicate aromas of your wines are preserved. Its solid, durable structure provides stable support for your bottles, protecting them from vibrations and accidental knocks.

Compatible references 

It fits perfectly with MILLESIME cellars, including MILLESIME150, MILLESIME200, MILLESIME250, MILLESIME140D, MILLESIME190D and MILLESIME240D. Thanks to PRESENTATIONMIL's compatibility with these references, you can create a customized interior configuration to meet your specific needs.


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