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Standard shelf MILLESIME STANDARDMIL range

Optimize your storage space with the STANDARDMIL rack

The STANDARDMIL rack is the ideal choice for optimizing your storage space and showcasing your precious wine collection. Its clever design, sturdy material and optimized storage capacity make it an indispensable addition to your wine cellar. Compatible with all MILLESIME references.

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Increase your storage capacity with an additional rack

Add another level of storage or customize the interior configuration of your wine cellar with the STANDARDMIL additional rack. This versatile rack lets you maximize the space available to store your precious bottle of wine.

A clever design for elegant bottle presentation

The STANDARDMIL rack is distinguished by its ingenious design, which allows the bottle to be presented in an upside-down position. This unique positioning offers optimum visibility of your wine label, making it easy to find and select the perfect bottle for every occasion.

Optimized storage capacity and compact dimensions

The STANDARDMIL rack is designed to offer optimized storage capacity with compact dimensions. With a net size of 50 x 53.8 x 3.4 cm, it allows you to store up to 11 bottles of standard Bordeaux 75cl wine in a single row.

Compatible with MILLESIME references

The STANDARDMIL rack is perfectly compatible with all MILLESIME references. Whether you own a MILLESIME150, MILLESIME200, MILLESIME250, MILLESIME140D, MILLESIME190D or MILLESIME240D model, you can add the STANDARDMIL rack to optimize your storage space.


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