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Kit of 4 wooden shelves KITBOIS200

Optimize your wine cellar with KITBOIS200: elegant natural wood shelves, simplified organization, and perfect compatibility with GARDE 200, PCLP160, CPW160B1, PCLP205 and CPW204B1.

Garantie 2 ans
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Maximize the space in your wine cellar

Would you like to personalize your wine cellar to your taste? KITBOIS200 is the perfect solution for optimizing your cellar's storage space while adding a touch of elegance. Discover how these natural wood shelves can transform your wine cellar into a functional and aesthetically pleasing storage space.

The Elegance of Natural Wood

Would you like to replace your steel wire racks with natural wood racks? KITBOIS200 includes 4 natural wooden shelves specially designed for Bordeaux 75 cl bottles (3 shelves + 1 half-shelf). These wooden racks add a touch of warmth and authenticity to your wine collection, while guaranteeing safe, elegant storage.

Simplified organization

Need extra storage levels? With KITBOIS200, you can organize your bottles in an upside-down position, optimizing the storage capacity of your wine cellar. What's more, thanks to the notch on the front of each rack, you can easily identify your wines by placing labels on them. Simplify your wine collection and enjoy quick access to your favorite bottles.

Assured compatibility

KITBOIS200 is compatible with several references, including GARDE200, PCLP160, CPW160B1, PCLP205, and CPW204B1. You can be sure that these natural wood racks will fit in perfectly with your existing wine cellar.


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