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FILTRE4 Charcoal filter wine cellar CBU RANGE

FILTRE4 perforated filter containing activated carbon beads for air renewal in your wine cellar.

FILTRE4 is compatible with all models in the CBU range.

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FILTRE4 activated charcoal filter for PREMIUM Climadiff multi-purpose wine cellars

Why use a charcoal filter in a wine cellar?

Acquiring a charcoal filter for your wine cellar is essential to ensure its smooth operation. An activated charcoal filter renews the air in the cellar and protects the bottles from possible deterioration due to unpleasant odors or bacteria.

Do I need to change my charcoal filter frequently?

No, not frequently. But regularly, yes. An annual change of the carbon filter is essential.

Which cellars is the Climadiff FILTRE4 compatible with?

The FILTRE4 is compatible with all models in the PREMIUM CBU range: CBU18S2B, CBU51S2B, CBU51D1X and CBU40D1B.

Note: make sure you remove the protective cover before installing the new filter on your wine cellar, to ensure it works properly.


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