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DISPLAY70 display rack for wine cellar: Enhance your bottles and your collection

Show off your best bottles of wine with the presentation rack. Enjoy optimal preservation thanks to its elegant design and solid construction. Easy to install, this rack is compatible with Climadiff RESERVE300XL references. Give your wine cellar the perfect accessory to enhance your collection.

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Showcase your finest bottles

With its elegant design and solid construction, it's specially designed to display your favorite bottles in an attractive way. The display rack offers optimum visibility for your wines, allowing you to create a veritable gallery of wine art.

Optimum storage for perfect preservation

Preserving the quality of your wines is essential. Our display rack ensures optimal storage, allowing your bottles to age in ideal conditions. Made from high-quality materials, it is designed to withstand variations in temperature and humidity, ensuring optimum preservation of your precious bottles.

The rack's design also promotes adequate air circulation around bottles, helping to maintain a constant temperature and prevent unwanted odors. You can be sure that every bottle will be preserved in the best possible conditions, ready to be enjoyed at the right moment.

Easy installation and handling

The rack is supplied unassembled in individual packaging. Assembly is simple and takes just a few minutes. Clear step-by-step instructions ensure that you get the most out of your new accessory.

The DISPLAY70 Display Rack, with its clear dimensions of 59 x 46.5 x 12 cm and net weight of 1.95 kg, is the ideal accessory for showcasing your bottles while optimizing your wine cellar space.

Cellar compatibility:

The display rack is compatible with Avintage models (DHA305PA, DVA305PA+, DVP305G, DVA305G) as well as Climadiff RESERVE300XL. By adding this rack, you can instantly transform your storage space into a prestigious wine gallery. Take advantage of its versatility to showcase your favorite bottles and add a touch of elegance to your cellar.


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