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1/2CLASSIQUE1/60 Wine cellar half rack, steel wire

Half rack in steel wire and shallow wooden front to optimize the storage in wine cellar: it receives on it lying bottles but also allows to store in front of it bottles in vertical position.

Garantie 2 ans
Livraison gratuite

Ideal to optimize the storage of your bottles in Climadiff's multipurpose wine cellars, this half rack has all the features of a great one. Its small depth (32,8cm only) makes it terribly practical and handy.

What is the interest of a half rack ?

Its main interest is to allow the storage of bottles vertically on a deeper rack placed lower, typically on a Classic 1/60.

More concretely, imagine in your cellar the installation of 2 racks :

a classic 1/60 in the lower part which occupies all the depth;

and a half Classic 1/60 rack in the upper part which occupies only half the depth of your cellar.

Thus, on the ""small"" shelf you can store your wines in a horizontal position on the entire shelf, and thus benefit from an ""empty"" space at the front of your cellar. This space thus freed up gives you the possibility of storing bottles in a vertical position lower down in your cellar (on the ""large"" shelf). Absolutely essential to put back opened bottles in the cellar !

On which wine cellar does the 1/2 rack Classique Climadiff fit ?

The 1/2 rack Classic Climadiff is compatible with the multipurpose wine cellars of the same brand, namely :

the PCLV range with glass doors : PCLV160, PCLV205 and PCLV250 ;

the PCLP range with solid doors: PCLP160, PCLP205 and PCLP250.


Data sheet

Dimensions nettes (sans emballage, LxPxH cm) :
L.51,4 x P.32,8 x H.3
Poids net (sans emballage, kg) :

Specific References

Fiche Produit 1/2CLASSIQUE1/60

Fiche Produit Demi clayette cave à vin 1/2CLASSIQUE1/60 Climadiff

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