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Wine cellar for aging CV295B2 294 bottles

Climadiff CV295B2 aging wine cellar for the aging of 294 bottles of wine*. Made in Europe.

Garantie 2 ans
Livraison gratuite

The CV295B2 is a free-standing wine cellar for ageing wine. It can store up to 294 bottles.

CV295B2 wine cellar, many advantages for ageing your wine

Equipped with a solid door, it ensures total darkness for the ageing of your wines in conditions worthy of natural cellars. Note also that it is made in Europe (Portugal)!

In addition, the inside of the door offers a very practical cellar register for listing your wine collection and listing the vintages and grape varieties stored.

Designed by professionals for demanding individuals, the CV295B2 is equipped with a winter kit, which ensures that a constant and stable temperature is maintained, even if the cellar is installed in an unheated room in your home, such as a cellar or garage. Just make sure that the room temperature remains above 0°C.

The ageing cellar benefits from a high-performance system for filtering the air inside the cellar, thus ensuring perfectly healthy and renewed air. It uses an active carbon filter (ref. FILTER1) that you should change once a year to ensure that it works properly.

Compatible accessories CV295B2 

The CV297 comes with 4 PREMIUM1/70 fixed wooden shelves. To further customise it and optimise storage performance, we recommend that you look at the accessories and other compatible shelves, such as

  • the COLLECTOR1/70: a reversible rack with an imprint that perfectly matches the shape of Burgundy bottles on one side and Bordeaux bottles on the other;
  • or the SBV4 half metal plate for storing bottles upright (ideal for open bottles!).

2-year total guarantee (parts, labour and transport in France).

* Capacity defined as an indication with 75cl bottles of Bordeaux tradition. The addition of shelves considerably reduces the storage capacity.


Data sheet

Use :
Aging wine cellar
Capacity (with 75cl bottles of traditional Bordeaux):
Installation :
Pose libre
Temperature range (°C) :
12°C +/-2°C
Door type :
Porte pleine
Exterior colour :
Number of fixed shelves :
Type of fixed shelfs :
Bois - Hêtre
Number of carbon filter(s) :
Digital temperature display :
Système de régulation :
Fonction hiver :
Roulettes :
2 à l’arrière
Pied(s) réglable(s) :
Serrure :
Système anti-vibration :
Eclairage intérieur :
LED Blanc avec interrupteur
Couleur LED :
Dimensions nettes (sans emballage, LxPxH cm) :
Dimensions brutes (avec emballage, L x P x :
Poids net (sans emballage, kg) :
Poids brut (avec emballage, kg) :
Sound level :
Consommation électrique (kW/an) :
Energy class :
Voltage (Volt) :
Power (Watt) :
Smartphone application :

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