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PRESENTATION70 Presentation kit for wooden shelves

Wooden presentation kit, adaptable on PREMIUM1/70 rack for the elegant presentation of your bottles in Climadiff wine cellar.

Garantie 2 ans
Livraison gratuite

The PRESENTATION70 wooden display rack combines charm and practicality.

Adaptable to our PREMIUM1/70 rack, it allows you to store bottles in a semi-recumbent position and thus gives a whole new importance to your bottle collection. Your bottles represent a certain investment, both in the search for interesting vintages and in its financial aspect. 

The display racks are the perfect opportunity to sublimate your wines, to offer them the place they deserve in the heart of your wine cellar.

Cellars compatible with the PRESENTATION70 rack

The PRESENTATION70 can only be fitted to the PREMIUM1/70 Climadiff rack, which is itself compatible with the following cellars: CLA200M / CLA300M / CLA210A+ / CLA310A+ / CV98 / CV100 / CV196 / CV200 / CV294 / CV295 / CV297 / CV300 / CV300B.

Display shelf sold without PREMIUM shelf.


Data sheet

Dimensions nettes (sans emballage, LxPxH cm) :
59 x 46,5 x 12
Poids net (sans emballage, kg) :

Specific References

Fiche Produit PRESENTATION70

Fiche Produit clayette cave à vin PRESENTATION70 Climadiff

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