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Dual zone ageing cellar MILLESIME240D - 237 bottles

New in 2023, the connected aging wine cellar for an exceptional wine collection

Freestanding installation, the MILLESIME240D has a large storage capacity of 237 bottles, this cellar with dual temperature zones (5°C-12°C for the upper zone and 12°C-20°C for the lower zone) allows remote monitoring and control of your wine via the Vinotag app.

The door is equipped with UV protection + triple low-e glass to protect your bottles from the sun's harmful rays. The high-quality shelves and side LED lighting ensure optimal presentation of your bottles. Its modern design in black and stainless steel offers a touch of elegance to your interior while providing an optimal tasting experience.

Quelle Garantie ?
Garantie 2 ans
Livraison gratuite

Take full advantage of the MILLESIME240D cellar with its remote or physical control

Secure aging:

The cellar door is made of energy-efficient triple-pane low-e glass for high-performance insulation, and is also equipped with a lock. The cellar can be remotely controlled, allowing for alert notifications on a smartphone or tablet in the event of a temperature change, carbon filter replacement or a door left open.

Temperature control:

The upper zone of the wine cellar has an operating temperature range of 5°C to 12°C, while the lower zone can be set from 12°C to 20°C. Ideal for storing different types of wine at optimal temperatures to preserve their aromas thanks to the double zone with different temperatures. For example, red wines, white wines and sparkling wines should be stored at slightly different temperatures to ensure optimal preservation. With the help of the Vinotag app, you can plan and adjust the arrangement of bottles according to the temperature changes in the cellar.

Inventoru management:

The features of the MILLESIME200D wine cellar are connected and innovative. It is possible to remotely manage the inventory of your bottles using the Vinotag application. This application gives you the possibility to visualize the location of each bottle and to receive alerts on your stocks and the peak dates of your bottles.

Premium equipment:

Your wine cellar will be enhanced with a modern and sophisticated touch thanks to the integrated LED side lighting on each side, which offers an exceptional view of your collection, highlighting each bottle for an elegant presentation and allowing you to observe all the details in detail.
The cellars in the range are equipped with 6 solid, decay-resistant sapele wood shelves that can slide out to allow for head to toe storage or with visibility of wine bottle labels. This method of storage is ideal for preserving wine over a long period of time.
The multi-position racks allow you to personalise your wine storage with a display of your best labels. Store your wine bottles in your own image.
They include a discreet integrated handle, a carbon filter, a class F and a low noise emission of 38 decibels.
The racks are available for sale in the accessories tab.

High-end wine cellar MILLESIME240D : connect your passion for wine


The MILLESIME240D Aging Wine Cellar is a high-end storage solution designed to replicate the optimal storage conditions of a natural wine cellar. With a storage capacity of up to 237 standard bottles, it offers a stylish and practical storage solution for the discerning wine lover.

The storage capacity of the cellar is divided into 2 separate storage areas. The upper zone can store up to 121 bottles, while the lower zone can store up to 116 bottles. The 2 storage areas have separate operating temperature ranges, allowing users to store different types of wine under optimal temperature conditions.

Accessories included:

The wine cellar is equipped with 3 solid sapele wood shelves that allow bottles to be stored in an upside down position, as well as 3 multi-position shelves to optimise storage capacity (upside down storage) or to promote the display of labels (sideways storage). This offers great flexibility to showcase your wines. The shelves are sliding and have a safety device to prevent them from tipping over. Sapelli shelves are known for their ability to absorb vibrations, which guarantees optimal conservation of the wine by reducing the risk of turbidity. They also ensure a homogeneous air circulation for an efficient ventilation and a stable temperature in the whole cellar.


The wine cellar is equipped with 2 adjustable feet with a height of 1.5 cm each, as well as 2 castors, making it easy to move the wine cellar as needed. To ensure optimal quality of your wine, the cellar is equipped with an active carbon filter. The LED light will allow you to better see your bottles inside the wine cellar.


To ensure an ideal aging of the wine, it is imperative to monitor the hygrometry by maintaining a level of humidity between 50% and 80%, in order to prevent the corks from drying out and preserve the quality of the wine.

Quiet and controlled cooling system:

With its compressor cooling system, this wine cellar ensures a stable temperature, controlled humidity and low noise level, providing an effective storage solution for all types of wine, while being easy to install and durable. The cellar is also designed with a stirred cooling system to ensure a homogeneous temperature with a noise level not exceeding 38 decibels.

Enhanced security:

The MILLESIME200D cellar is equipped with a visual and audible alarm system to alert in case of problems, with the possibility of programming these alerts via the Vinotag app at any time. The cellar is equipped with an anti-vibration system that aims to protect the contents of the cellar, as well as a gray triple-glazed low-e glass door allows a reduction in heat transmission and a stable temperature maintenance inside the cellar, as well as an anti-UV filter to protect the wine bottles from harmful UV rays, preserving their quality and flavor. Not to mention a child safety system with lock to lock the control panel.


Its contemporary design in black and stainless steel fits perfectly with different interior decorations.

Connect to your wine cellar with the Vinotag application

Discover all the features of the application with the Millésime range on the Vinotag website.

Discover the other connected aging wine cellars of the Millésime range

Explore the Millésime line of connected aging wine cellars to discover different models offering various sizes and single or double storage options, as well as temperature ranges to suit your needs, for optimal organization of your wine collection.


Single zone: MILLESIME150 for 149 bottles, MILLESIME200 for 204 bottles and MILLESIME250 for 248 bottles.

The double zones: MILLESIME140D for 138 bottles, MILLESIME190D for 193 bottles and MILLESIME240D for 237 bottles.


Data sheet

Use :
Aging wine cellar
Installation :
Pose libre
Temperature range (°C) :
5-12°C / 12-20°C
Door type :
Porte vitrée
Door processing :
Exterior colour :
Type of fixed shelfs :
Bois, bouteilles tête-bêche (sapelli massif)
Type of fixed shelfs :
Bois, bouteilles horizontale (sapelli massif)
Number of sliding shelves :
Number of carbon filter(s) :
Digital temperature display :
Système de régulation :
Hygrométrie auto-régulée :
Fonction hiver :
Type de froid :
Roulettes :
2 à l’arrière
Pied(s) réglable(s) :
Système anti-vibration :
Eclairage intérieur :
LED Blanc avec interrupteur
Dimensions nettes (sans emballage, LxPxH cm) :
59,5 x 69,6 x 188
Dimensions brutes (avec emballage, L x P x :
66 x 75,5 x 208,5
Poids net (sans emballage, kg) :
Poids brut (avec emballage, kg) :
Alarm .
Visuelle et sonore
Sound level :
Consommation électrique (kW/an) :
Energy class :
Climate class (ideal outdoor temperature) :
SN-ST (10-38°C)
Voltage (Volt) :
Power (Watt) :
Warranty included :
Totale 2 ans (Pièces, MO & déplacement)
Bottles :
L (+ de 170 bouteilles)
Smartphone application :
Low-e glass
Teinte vitrage

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