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Active filters

Box for storing lava stones in your wine cellar.

Lava stones sold in a bag to control the hygrometry of your multipurpose wine cellar.

Sold without box.

FILTRE4 perforated filter containing activated carbon beads for air renewal in your wine cellar.

FILTRE4 is compatible with all models in the CBU range.

Ensure optimum air quality in your wine cellar with the Millésime Wine Cellar Charcoal Filter. Eliminating unpleasant odors, this activated charcoal filter protects your precious bottles. Change it annually for optimum performance. Compatible with Millésime wine cellars, it guarantees a preserved environment for your wines.

FILTRE3 activated carbon filter essential for air renewal in your Climadiff multipurpose wine cellar.

La référence FILTRE2 n'est plus commercialisée

Perforated filter FILTRE1 containing activated carbon balls for the renewal of the air in your wine cellar

Half metal plate to store your bottles in a vertical position, practical if they are opened !


3 in 1 filter: Pre-filter + HEPA 13 filter + Activated carbon filter Pre-filter catches large particles such as dust, hair, pet hair

HEPA 13 filter: removes fine dust, cigarette smoke, bacteria, mould, germs

Activated carbon filter: absorbs odours, smoke

Note: It is important to remove the cover before installing the new filter on your wine cellar to ensure proper operation.


HEPA 13 filter: High Efficiency for Airborne Particles. It is recommended to change it every 3 months. Lifetime of the filter: 1 000 hours

CLASSIQUE2/62 steel wire rack and black wooden front for Climadiff wine cellar

Half rack in steel wire and shallow wooden front to optimize the storage in wine cellar: it receives on it lying bottles but also allows to store in front of it bottles in vertical position.

Wooden thermometer - hygrometer to control the temperature and hygrometry of your wine cellar.

Steel wire rack and solid wood pediment for Climadiff wine cellar.

Trendy object and Climadiff favorite ! Discover this ultra trendy, absolutely decorative and very practical wine cork collector frame !

Climadiff TB5040 electric corkscrew:

No need to force to open your best bottles thanks to this electric corkscrew in copper! This novelty signed Climadiff, allows you to uncork effortlessly all types of corks. Just place it on top of your bottle, press the button to easily remove the cork. Finally, its new modern design will adapt to all environments.

Another advantage, it is equipped with a cap cutter integrated into the support!

Works with 4 batteries (LR6) not included.

Wooden presentation kit, adaptable on PREMIUM1/70 rack for the elegant presentation of your bottles in Climadiff wine cellar.

Wooden presentation kit, adaptable on PREMIUM1/62 rack for the elegant presentation of your bottles in Climadiff wine cellar.

Half rack in wood CONFORT 3², ideal to optimize the storage of bottles at the bottom of your wine cellar

Set of 2 RAILV3 sliding rails to be installed in your wine cellar so that the fixed shelves become sliding (depending on compatibility).

Large wooden shelve PREMIUM1/70 for the storage of 13 bottles in Climadiff wine cellars.